Wood and wood heating, it’s a treechange hot topic.

Whose turn is it to get wood?


Here it is, last night at our house.  We got wood yesterday which was great!  We were very nearly out and not sure what day the delivery was going to be.


It was wet, and son didn’t think to bring some wood up onto the deck to dry off.   He thought it wasn’t that cold anyway.  With -3C expected, you can expect to care a lot more about 2am.


There was no dry kindling either.  And the wood was so very wet.  Not something we have to deal with here very often.  As the place we live in doesn’t do ‘Wet’ very often.   It  may get snowed on or frosted.  Snow can be very wet as it thaws, but that doesn’t happen too often either.


We’re more the ‘Foggy, Freezing, Frosty’ kinda place.


We do have a wood heater.  Or a solid fuel heater as some people call them.  A slow combustion heater.  A closed affair.


We have become wood connoisseur’s.  We like the red wood.  It burns slow, it heats well, it makes very little ash.  You get more warm for your buck.


It needs to be seasoned too.  Because you’d like it to light sometime this winter, not next.  And you’d like it not to coat your flue with sappy stuff.


It has some pretty nasty splinters tho.  Even trying to handle it carefully we usually end up with a few dozen splinters.  Not so much when it’s wet.

But of course, it doesn’t actually light up when its sodden.  Once it’s going well you can throw in one sodden log and the fire will dry it out quickly then it will burn.


You can line the wood up around the fire place and on it’s end.  It dries out while it’s waiting to go in which is good.  I never feel much like playing with the fire at 3am.  I’m funny like that 😀


So last night after son FINALLY got the fire going,  I put the wood around the fire to dry out.  And then looked up to find son had rested the little kindling bits on top.


And I thought:  Hmmmm, Woodhenge!  I couldn’t take a photo then as my camera doesn’t do inside photo’s at night.



So this is really:  Half Woodhenge.  But I think you’ll get the idea.

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