About Me And My Blog

You know? I’m sposed to write something witty and pithy and all encompassing.

So I did. And it’s d@mn boring.


Here ’tis, the alternate version:


This is a fun, taking the mickey look at the mishaps and mayhem of me and my life.


That of a single parent of 3 teenagers (Heaven help me!) moving to, and living in the country. Not just a little bit country, but a very little country place.


It’s about the fun and games and the catastrophe’s of parenting teenagers and survival of the species!

It’s about schooling and learning difficulties. It’s about learning the ‘system’ and how the teachers will turn and run, screaming ‘run for the staffroom while you still can’ as you enter the front gate.

It’s about keeping your sense of humour because it’s the only thing that will keep you, your family and the teachers sane.


This is about life in general; looking at motivation, weightloss, exercise (You’ll get to meet my Personal Trainer – Just Your Average Kelpie and his chubby side kick Knic Nac) and how to get your head to where you want your life to be.


If you can’t laugh at your own problems yet? Come in here and laugh at mine, because my life is certainly not a smooth ride from cradle to nursing home.

This is about this awesomely beautiful place we moved to; where the weather is extreme.


Where you’re New to Town; 3 generations a local yokel; 5 generations a red neck. 😉

Where when all else fails a brisk walk in the chill ‘breeze’ on the fire trail is followed by a glass of red on the deck watching the awesome sunset (wrapped in the padded flannelette jacket.)

afternoon sunset

It’s about appreciating Mother Nature and enjoying that your kids do too.

It’s about appreciating your kids even when it’s hard to do. .

It’s about loving and living and laughing.


Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves, for they shall

never cease to be amused. Anon