Why I can’t lose weight at the moment…

Well it’s not that I can’t lose weight because I’m eating too much. Although I did have a couple of splurges this week, nothing really out there though. No, it’s not that. Nor is it because I’m not exercising enough, a little less due to the weather but still doing ok. No, it’s just because I’m not an early morning person. The thing is that you have to weigh yourself before breakfast. It’s the only time of day you can be pretty sure that you’ll get a fair idea of how you’re going. And I just don’t do mornings. I definately don’t do mornings before coffee. And it’s so freaking cold still (and the fire often goes out about 3am so it’s freezing by 7am) so I just come out in the dead sheep boots (well, no they are fake dead sheep really, I can’t afford real dead sheep) and the padded flanny ¬†Go straight to the toaster, put in bread. Go to kettle and pray some b** um, nasty child, hasn’t emptied the kettle the night before and not filled it up. Turn kettle on. Find coffee cup, make coffee, put vegemite on toast, go back to warm bed and 1 or 2 cats. Around the one coffee and one toast down I realise that I haven’t weighed myself. Again! B*gger. Try again tomorrow, and so it goes on.
I can report that this week since I got out of the oversized padded jacket people have been remarking on how much weight I’ve lost. I’m loving it. If only I hadn’t eaten that Citrus Tart just before….oh well, will take a day or two before that shows up I’m sure! I hope! Maybe?
But yes, even though the scales are only slowly receding, and I even forget to weigh very often I am getting thinner. Woohoo! And now summer is coming up should be even easier since fruits and salads are not only great to eat, somewhat easy to grown (if you can beat the birds and grasshoppers to the produce) but they don’t have huge amounts of fats and nasty carbs. I don’t have anything against carbs in particular. As long as they keep themselves to themselves and not themselves to my hips I’m happy. And no I don’t not eat carbs after 1.11 in the afternoon or some such thing. As you know I am using the subliminal audio’s to help me not want to eat the wrong foods, too much, or too often and it’s working for me. If you want to be pleased I’ve lost weight then stop right here.
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