White winter wonderland…………..

Makes you think of snow, big thick gloves and boots.


Clothes it takes hours to get into and out of.


Skiing, boarding, hot chocolate?


Actually its just a very very heavy frost.  -0.4c which is up several degrees already!


Brilliantly sunny and bitingly cold.  Big day of ‘much stuff’ to be done today – but where to start?  Its just too crunchy out there yet!


Another coffee i think – and TG for bottled water – the pipes are still frozen.


Knew it was cold out there before i got out of bed – when the cat comes in and crawls into the bed you know its pawfreezing outside.

Better get some computer work done – it might be CBA day but the work doesn’t do itself unfortunately.


Teens will be in bed for several hours so peace and tranquillity reign!

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