When Teens go to school…..

Well, last week school started here again in NSW.


High school had years 7 and 11 starting on wednesday – so they could settle in without the Riff Raff.


My daughter is Riff Raff this year as she is in Year 10.


She had 2 days at school, and I was away until the end of the weekend.  So I had a quick catch up last night on how it went.

I think I’ve heard the best and the worst of it.


I’ve heard about this years teachers.  And based on that precis, I’ve already told her what teachers I do and don’t want to see on Parent Teacher night.  Now just to decide what bevvie to reward myself with, just in case I give in and see a teacher who is not on My Wanted List.


I do like hearing about it all.  So funny.  It wouldn’t be the same at all if my little Drama Queen didn’t have a sense of humour, and a sense of high drama.  I look forward to the One Teenager Monologues we’ll have this year.  I’ll quite miss it when she leaves school.


If I stick to my plan I should have a really good Parent Teacher experience.

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