What mum learnt on the internet today!

Wow, I was just browsing through my ‘Recent Activity’  and found something I wasn’t looking for.  On page 6 of the recent activity it informs me that ‘Royal Institute of International Affairs’ London, UK has viewed my blog – using the term Feral Teenagers;  to be specific they tuned into Teenagers and the internet, and Teenagers and their habits.  Whoa!  That is pretty awesome!   I still had page 7 to check out and found that I have The Telecommunications Service of Trinidad and Tobago on there.  Blog is certainly getting around nowadays.  Of course there is also Nigeria, and yes I did receive your request but I won’t be taking up your generous offer.

On page 2 I have the ACT Dept of Education using ‘Good reasons for being late for school’ and turning up my 10 Best Reasons for being late for school.  And just under them the NSW Dept of Education and Training – although they were looking for something to do with a ute so didn’t stick around long on that page.

The Australian Dept of Defence turned up on page one but it’s not saying where they came from or where they went…crafty b*ggers they are!

So, I started out looking for something else entirely, and ended up having quite a bit of fun seeing who has been looking around.  I’ve been pretty slack recently, not checking out the activity etc.  Not sussing out my keywords and using them to bring in viewers.  Shame on me!   For those two who I went looking for originally, I’m still looking.  And I’ll be keeping a very close eye on the sites – be warned.  Be wary.  I am.

Another thing I noticed is that the stat counter is rating my blogs on google.  I’m pretty excited to say I’m ranked 5 & 6 on some things – usually something mentioning teens or feral teenagers 😉  But this is really cool – I’m ranked No: 1 for a topic!  Woohoo!  And that topic is…….drum roll please…………Canteen Lady Arms.  How funny!

Well, I have a week off coming up soon and I’ll be searching out my keywords so that people who are interested in my topics can find the blog.  Feel free to share the blog with friends who might be interested.  Techie 2 is going to do something Awesome with the site for me as well.  It’s all going to be fun and interesting.  Let me know what you think when it’s up and running;   it’s lovely to hear what people think of it.   So it’s goodbye for now from the Feral mother of teenagers, the lady with canteen lady arms;  may all your feral teens be good to you.

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