What about teachers strikes?

Well I’m loving them atm.  Although I would love it even more if they organised them on  my days off.  Not that I have to worry about childcare or anything these days.  But there’s so much to get done around here, riding the horse, float training him, some farm work, mowing the grass down to snake see-i-ness, walk the dogs, go to Canberra and get a pair of swimmers for the girl teen.  So a day off together can be filled with fun, hardwork and shopping.  In fact, if they wanted to strike for more than one day I wouldn’t say no!

I know, I should be wondering should the teachers be paid more money or have less face to class prep time etc but let’s face it.  You couldn’t pay me enough to spend 5 days a week shut in not just a room full of teens – but an entire school full of them?  Stuff nightmares are made of.  So they’ll never pay them enough in my opinion.  And I should be worrying about whether my little darling will falling behind with her work etc with lost days….well you know, they have a lot of excursions, camps, days of particular interest, followed along by sick leave that really I don’t think that a day or two here and there is going to blight her entire career and life.  Of course I could be wrong.  And I know I should have the attitude that you do your best all the time, make an effort all the time, have a positive attitude all the time, but you know?  The prototypes turned out ok, and all that worrying and stressing didn’t really achieve anything positive for me.  I’m not saying I wouldn’t make an effort about school and helping a child have a positive attitude, but that ‘all the time’ has sort of morphed into …..yeah, whatever.  There is some tutoring going on, but I’m pretty sure this model will go out and do, and be, and have a pretty good life.  And most of it will be due to her attitude to life.  Of which school and learning are a part right now.  Life and learning will be a part all her life – our high school motto was ‘Live and Learn’ and I have to say I think that is the best one I’ve ever heard.  I’m still alive and I have learnt more since I left school than I ever did while I was there.  Learning that learning is interesting, can be fun, can be a big chore, can always be done is great!  In fact, as I get older I’m not even  convinced that you stop learning when you die!  As long as they don’t have Mandatory Training Days I could cope with that.

I’m really hoping that planned teachers strike is on one of my day’s off or I might cry.  Model 3 and I need to get some stuff done and the weekends are just not long enough for life anymore.  Looking forward to it.  Oh, and a trip to Canberra would rack up some more hours for the driving model.  Win/win!


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