Trying Teens

Well they are trying aren’t they?  Trying your patience.


They’re not the only ones!  Appears I’m trying the patience of one of my teenagers.  My lack of patience is an issue for him.


He no longer braves grieveous bodily harm by saying “Chill, Mum’


And that’s a good thing, for my blood pressure and sanity.


A good thing too for his safety.


There’s nothing like that 5 letter word (Chill) when you’ve already got steam coming out your ears.  It’s like that school age science experiment that involves vinegar and baking soda.  It’s explosive!


No, so he’s learned a bit, and he didn’t implore me to ‘Chill.’

He did tell me to stop cursing though.


When both mowers wouldn’t work, when I’m running out of time, there’s never enough money, and I haven’t had a shower and washed my hair because I was planning to do it after I mowed.  And now I have to go into town (time wasted) and beg the mower repairer to please fix one of them.  A wasted afternoon.


And yes, it is pee-ing down with rain today, and looks like it will be for 40 days and 39 nights.  Oh, and don’t forget that with all that long grass those snakes will be happily pottering about through it all, and the dogs will get bitten, as well as us.  And……………


Yes, I know.  It’s not all going to happen.  Or maybe it is, but I should just take it one step at a time.  That’s true.


But you know what?  I’m flippin’ fed up here!  I’m over it!  I just want to curse up a storm and then I’ll get over it!


So you should all just put your fingers in your ears and go ‘lalalalalala’ until I’m finished.


And I just want to scream  ‘Why don’t you care!’  Not about me being upset/insane;  but, why don’t you care that the mowers aren’t working and we are running out of time, and the dogs could get bitten.


It’s true what you’re thinking.

That he could do with a bit more ‘caring about’ and I could do with a smidge less ‘caring about.’


But while teenagers (and boys, in particular) can be laid back and not worked up about these things, the problem is that they go on not caring.

So, the  mower does not get taken in and fixed.  And the mowing does not get done, not only today when it is persisticating down with rain, but it won’t be able to get done after either, because the mower won’t be fixed.


So, while I’m getting stroppy with it all and trying to do more, because now I can’t do the mowing till I’ve got this fixed, I also can’t let up on the caring because there’s no one to pick up the slack.


It’s like a caring seesaw.  You can’t get one person off the ground, if the other one won’t get out of the air.

And the one in the air, is probably not going to even see the need to come back to earth……….but if they did, they can’t come down till the other one lifts off.


Making Teenagers Accountable vs Snakes in the House Yard……………………nuhaah!


I am however thinking that AFTER the mowing is done (while I curse up a storm, and if the rain ever stops, and if the mower doesn’t die half way through) then I might find some accountability precursor.

That’s really just a big way of saying Bribery Works!


Just need to work out what bribe will work best!  And hope he doesn’t see this post while he’s working on the website.

I find surprise  bribes work the best.


(You know I’m glad they don’t like to blog…………..I really don’t want to see what they think about it.  Unless they have a solution that doesn’t involve money or snakes.)




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