Time to get your tinsel on, people!

Tis that time of year again!   If the world doesn’t end today or tonight or whenever then it will be on fast track to christmad day.


It’s mostly, christmad time altogether atm.  And it’s not all about it being Christmas time either.


There’s the people who do Christianity, there’s those who don’t.

There’s those who do other religions, and those who don’t.

There’s those who………well there’s a lot of people (unless the world does end, and then I want to come back in the next world with some really good legs!)


But you know, it’s about a frantic time.  People keep saying it’s too mercenary, that our kids just want everything.  And then you see the frantic windup to order and pay for;  wrap and hide;  and give, a whole lot of ‘stuff’.


The worst of it for me, is that I get the public holidays off.  But most of the places, things, people that I could finally catch up with are away till at least January 14.  That’s what puts me into hyperdrive!


We don’t have enough money to get caught up in that, although the ‘other side’ do give quite a lot.  My daughter is saving up for a few things next year.  Pricey items.  She knows she’ll probably get some money from some relatives, and on the one hand she wants to get her ‘wishes’ some time next year, but then laments that you really feel so much happier with something when you’ve made the money yourself.  She’s working out how she can make money now 🙂


My christmad dinner with the kids is over.  They got a present each this year.  Under $25 each.  And they’ll get a Kiva Voucher for another $25.


We’ve taken some photos, we’ve eaten, we’ve chatted.  They’ve joked with each other, and teased each other.  We had the dogs in for some family time.


And now they’re off to their father’s over the next few days (world end permitting.)


Time for me to do some farm work, but just the smaller stuff.

To water the garden and maybe plant some seedlings and seeds.

To relax with the animals, and some bubbles.


So I’ll be here, on the deck, with me bubbles, getting slightly tinsellated.


And I hope you all have some fun and bubbles in your festive season.


And here’s the Farm Gate that I promised you before……



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