There's a huntsman in the linen cupboard (Arachnaphobics beware)

Well yes let’s face it, you don’t have to live in the country to have huntsman spiders.  You don’t even have to have spiders to be afraid – I’m probably going to have nightmares tonight just from writing this. 

But there certainly are spiders in the country.  Recently, a friend wrote about her experience running into a spiders web coming in a door.  I’m with her – I just don’t DO spiders.  I have a few in the laundry atm.  I have despatched the one that was making the web in the doorway, but didn’t look up high enough to see the big web on the side of the linen cupboard.  I was planning to spray it when the kids weren’t looking.   I find it hard to believe that I could have given birth to three children who prefer to catch spiders and relocate them, rather than just despatch them.  There is such a huge risk of the beggars getting out and running up your arm while you are doing it – it sends chills up my spine just thinking about it.  Those manky kids told me there was a HUUUUUUUUGE huntsman in the linen cupboard mum!  They were hysterical telling me – hysterical with laughter!  So I just folded the towels and put them on the dining room table. 

Someone told me not long ago that I really do live in the wrong country if I’m afraid of spiders!  They are right.  In my next life I’m going to specify which countries I am willing to be born into, and those that I’m not willing to be born into.

A miracle happened on friday while I was at work – well it started then.  The boys started cleaning up!  OMG!  Did you read that correctly?  Yep, it’s true!    I came home to find the dining room table…yes, you could actually see it for a change!   It’s amazing how nice it looks on the occasions that it is on view.  So where are the towels?  In the linen cupboard – noooooooooo!  I have to spray in there! 

No, mum;  I don’t know why you want to kill everything mum;  there’s something wrong with you mum;  why are you so violent mum?

I can’t live with spiders that’s all – I’m not really a violent person (well not after the pre-school morning rush anyway).

You can’t kill the huntsman mum – he’s eating all the white tips in there. 

OMG – so now I’m afraid of the huntsman – and I’m afraid to kill him/her (and if its her, eventually them).   I don’t know what I did to those children to make them so mean to me.   Surely I’d remember doing something that bad?  Something that scarred them for life – so that they wanted to horrible to me!

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