The Zombie Apocalypse – Tree change or not?

This little rant started on a group page discussing why so many people talk about being desperate to go off grid, go country, go simpler in life…but when an offer is made to assist them, or possible places that are available are noted, suddenly they have a lot of reasons why they can’t.  It’s too hot, too cold, too far, not far enough, too big, too small, too early, too late….

I believe it is an attitude, and I think they were taught it.


No, sorry not ready.
No, sorry not ready.

I really think that it starts from before school even, but at school it is all – Do what you’re told. No if’s and but’s, no Lets look at the options, Let’s work with this, Let’s find a way. Do it, do it our way, and if you won’t then there’s name for that and a medication for it too. They don’t even know that there is ‘outside the box’ let alone how to do it. Just thinking outside the box is a new concept to a lot of people.


I have my attitude from my Mother. My stepmother also gave me good advice and support when I needed it. I learned it early, and while I won’t go up against the government on things, I will step outside my comfort zone again and again.

The road is long, with many places you might live
The road is long, with many places you might live


When I left Sydney people said What if you don’t like it? Hello – if we don’t like it there, there’s plenty more of Australia to move to! And You’ll never be able to buy into Sydney again! Well, funnily enough Sydney is the last place I’d want to buy into. I like to see the harbour about once a year. Pretty. Smelly. Noisy. Crowded. I’m going home!


All these people were terrified. Some left and then scuttled back, broker than before. Now here, people are afraid to move around to work.

What if it doesn’t work out. Wow, what if it does.


The Aussie Bush


At work, afraid to move to another ward…what if I’m no good at that? What if I don’t like it? What if you do? It’s crazy, and I laugh and have a go myself. Like Off The Gridder’s, there is a small band of usually middle to oldies, who happily work where they want, when they want, if they want. We all have commitments, but it’s doable if you are sensible.


I shudder to think what my life would be like if I had never taken a step outside. But that’s what so many people are afraid of.

I believe it is drummed into them in school and in the community.  I know when I questioned what would be best for my kids I upset many people who thought that there was only one way – I had to research what is possible for young people.

I then had to find other people who felt that their ‘Square and Rectangular Pegs’ shouldn’t be bashed into the Round Holes made for Round Pegs.  It’s hard to go against The System.  It’s isolating going against The System.  The pressure you get is enormous.

I’m hugely grateful to the people who encouraged me on, to let my kids find their own ways (and they are still finding I might add, as are a lot of the ones who went the Normal Way).  I’m grateful to the people who felt the Normal Way was really the Best Way, but didn’t give me grief about it.


There are kids who were allowed to think outside the square, before it was popular, and in places where it was never popular (school for one).  Those are the kids who are doing great things;  doing mediocre things; doing nothing much;  doing something wrong.

Those are the people that I believe have a chance of turning themselves around if they decide to, because they are not afraid to think about other ways of living, other ways of getting to a goal, of even believing that goals are meant to be changed as you go through life.


Honestly, I see people who have been through hell and back several times, and yet they are still crawling back up the wall of life.  They don’t necessarily want a million dollars.  They might not want a suit, and a big house, and a flash car.  Their ideas may have changed to what makes life feel good.  And how to save the planet.

When you fall down and only one root is still in the ground...just grow sideways.
When you fall down and only one root is still in the ground…just grow sideways.


I’m never going to be a popular parent at school do’s.  I never want to be.  I want to be a catalyst for change.

Change is change.  It can be good it can be bad, and it can be changed, again, and again and again.

Maybe it’s time to do a few posts on how to get your head out of the fog of day to day, and start to make your own life different.

Let’s make a start this week.  Look out for another post.  Heaven help us, I may even bite the bullet and make a (OMG) video.  Yep, that will be my change…..hard to start, but once you do….See you soon.


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