The perfect school lunch box?

I was pondering this today when I was considering my aversion to making school lunches – more particularly, sandwiches.

And when I was thinking about containers that you could put more interesting things in (always supposing that you’d managed to shop for them, and the kids hadn’t eaten them while they were grazing in the fridge,) and I came up with the perfect school lunchbox.

Is it a T one?  The famous plastic tupperware -awesome colours, you could even colour code your multiple children’s lunches , spill proof, lots of little compartments for all those fabulous little healthy treats you send your child to school with, washable, lasts in most school bag punchups, some times even see thru so you can see what sort of mouldy mess is going to attack your gag reflex when you’re game to open it, guaranteed to last longer than your child’s school life?

No, I did buy one once, because I felt guilty for not buying something.  Having avoided Tupperware parties for 35 years I found myself at one.  Personally I think I should have been given a prize for holding out so long.  It’s languishing on my kitchen bench and has been for years.  I’m too intimidated by all the compartments to even use it for my lunches.


I have to confess that I am more of a Fast Takeaway Food Container type person.


And here’s why:


In that famous Tupperware list of great things are two things that don’t work for me.

One is that I can see through the fast food plastic anyway………….and there’s no way on this earth I’m going to open anything that comes out of a school bag the last day of the six week summer holidayschool holidays.  I don’t need to see to know it’s not just bad, it’s HORRENDOUS.  It will be impossible to describe how horrible it will look, and it will be impossible to describe how bad is smells – mostly, because you’ll be wretching your heart up.  It’s too far gone for the compost heap even!  Believe me.


It’s truly amazing what 6 weeks and 40-45 degrees celsius heat will do to things that used to be food.  Can you tell I’ve been amazed quite a few times?


By the time mine had started High School I refused to even put my hand into school bags, let alone risk taking anything out of them.


The other reason for no Tupperware?

It doesn’t have to outlast my children’s school life.  They lose things faster than anyone else you’ve ever met.  But I haven’t met a lot of mothers of ‘High School Teens’ who haven’t had the kids lose one or two items.  Mine would be one or two items, once or twice a week.

So longevity is not a big decider for me.  It is so cost effective because you’l never have to buy another one!  If it breaks we’ll replace it………..and you’d have to prove it by producing the broken one.


This is when it struck me about the absolute perfect School Lunch Box……………………….ONE THAT WILL FIND YOUR KID EVERY AFTERNOON!


A Self (kid) Seeking Lunch Box!  What more could any mother ask for?

Well, maybe one that also self destructed and vaporised when the food inside reached a certain level of composting.  Yeah that would be good too.


So, for all those people looking for something with which to Wow the World, some invention to Make Them Millionaires – this is it!


Go and Do your best!  I’ll be looking for them on the shelves soon!



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