The Party Hearty Teenage Boys

And don’t they just love a good party!  We recently had  The Big 18th here x 2 + 17th x 1.  Oh well you know when the 17 th asked if he could have his party here as well my boys just said ‘Well we’ve all got the same friends so it’s not like it hard or anything!’   And part of it was true – they do have the same friends and there were so many people coming anyway that it didn’t seem like there’d be any teenagers left in the district who WEREN’T at my place!  I didn’t agree with the not being hard bit though!  I was dreading it!  We live out of town on a property.  So it has to be a sleepover especially if there is drinking.  You know when they are young and they sit up in sleeping bags half the night watching DVD’s – that’s an easy sleepover.  Try 80+ teenagers.  There was to be GelliBaff for Gelli wrestling….hehehehe that was a bit of a dud – it was like ICE!  A few of the girls went in so a few boys did too.  But they had goosebumps on their goosebumps and were into the hot shower and dry clothes mighty quickly.  Sure made a mess of the bathroom floor though – still getting the Gelli stuff out of the washing machine too.  I think you’d need to be born in December, January or February to do any good with that round here.  There was music and laser lights.  We got hold of some  old carpet for the shed floor.  We had to borrow some wood because it was a bit cool and we had their father and sister from Sydney – those folks don’t know what cold really is.  So we had a fire inside – where it was stifling!  And they made a rock edged fire outside in the middle of my yard – oh well it is the country after all!  And my house yard is not exactly ‘Home Beautiful.’  

I was going to get two portaloo’s but the boys assured me that they are dangerous – apparently boys (not them of course mum) can’t resist tipping them over, especially if girls are in them.  I cancelled them after I heard that although the portaloo lady said ‘That’s why you peg them down real tight’  I just couldn’t relax thinking about it.  Was hard on the girls tho – there was a continuous line up to the toilet all night and I was forever being asked ‘Is there just one toilet’ in a pitiful voice.  They were good about it when I pulled rank and queue jumped 😉

There were a few fights.  It’s realy such a pita!  Two Y chromosomes, add alcohol and shake!  I turned around once to find a young man trying to get up off the ground by clutching onto one of my new baby plum trees ‘Let me help you up, just let go of the tree pet, just LET GO OF THE TREE!’  It did survive TG.  I’m amazed reallly that all the plants seemed to survive.  I was planning on having all the cars in one section and the tents/swags in another but that got mixed up while I was out borrowing wood.  I’d also been planning on using another part of the paddock (near the gully, it does have a 20 foot drop into it so I’d thought of electrifyig some tape along there – surely the insurance company would understand that I’d done all I could to contain them!) but didn’t get around to it.  At one stage someone left their car with the handbrake off and it started rolling away – that was when Psychomummy arrived and did her stuff.  It was about 3 or 4 am and I screamed like a Banshee, and took off after them!  They were all set for a fight until I flew at them.  Ewwww scary mad woman!  I was still handing out pies around 3 am, as I got to the last pack of pies around the fire outside one of the boys said ‘Oh someone is tearing up your paddock out there….’ and took the plate of pies from me so I could go sort them out!  One way to get more than your share, cheeky brat!  But really it went quite well all things considered. 

In the country people often bring their swags and tents, which can be dangerous.  It’s not unknown for someone to be run over in their swag.  So we did pass that test.  You never know whose going to turn up – facebook event you know – but as i’ve remarked before in Country Life…Before Facebook there was…Country Gossip – and you didn’t even need broadband for that one!  Let’s face it there was smoke signals before that even. 

We didn’t have tooo many gatecrashers mainly because almost everyone in and out of town was invited 😉 

We should have had more bins apparently.  Boys had been to another party the weekend before and said they had lots of bins – well doh, you could have told me BEFORE the party! 

It would have been good if I had remembered to buy that 100-200 sausage rolls but we did ok with food I think (wanted to soak up all that alcomahol.) 

We could have concreted a couple of portaloo’s in for the night!  Sorry girls. 

For party bouncers I’d recommend women.   The ex was here but went to bed early.  Very useful.  A friend from down the road came for support which was great.  Women can sort all those boys out much easier I think, they don’t feel like they have to ‘win’ in a confrontation with a woman.  So I would recommend female bouncers rather than too much muscle.  Of course, that depends where you live.  Most of the kids around here have been well trained by their mothers – when mum goes off  ‘back down quick sunshine!’  

Someone was slow dancing with my vacuum cleaner at one stage;  I was past caring by then.  Although I woud have preferred if they hadn’t drowned it in the GelliBaff.  I never liked that vacuum, but it was useful occasionally.  And someone broke my scales…well no loss there since I hadn’t lost any weight in the week and a half prior I was secretly pleased! 

I got to bed around 4.45am.  Put a few blankets and sleeping bags out to the people on the deck – well body heat may be good, but it’s not quite enough in this region!  And then I turned my electric blanket on and went to bed.  For all of 2 1/2 hours!  Up for Bush Eggs on the BBQ.  If you want to know about this handy post party/camping breakfast then pop over to http://countrylife.feral007.com/2011/03/22/eggs-free-range-organic-cage-non-cage/ and see what is is and how to do it.   Went through about 4-5 cartons of eggs, and as many loaves of bread.  Got everyone out of their tents and swags.  Bacon and eggs does that on a chilly morning.  And everyone had food in their stomachs before they went home.   One lot of girls had a flat battery, so if you’re planning a big sleepover add jump leads to the party list we’d just thrown ours out because they were so old. 

Driving round town later that day on the way to pick the dogs up from the kennels my young teenage daughter was chuckling.  So many pale youths around town looking a little seedy still (a bit seedy, a bit crook, slightly unwell, hungover even.)  I was feeling pretty seedy myself.  I’m a little old for 5am nights these days.  Still its all done and dusted.  What a relief.  I think I’d like to thank the ‘kids’ who were here for being quite reasonable while having a good time.  And say…let’s not do it again anytime soon 😉

If I had my ‘druthers’  – well I think I’d rather have managed to get changed and not spend the night in my oldish trackie dacks and a polar fleece that’s seen better days.  It didn’t really matter on the night.  You know 18 yo boys and girls don’t really care what mum is wearing as long as there is food and fun on hand.  But d@mn I’ve been looking at the photos my daughter took and…can I photoshop myself into something a bit more becoming?

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