The other half of the Permagarden

I didn’t raid Liquorland for cardboard, I raided the newsagents for an awful lot of newspapers instead.  Let me just say cardboard is easier to manage in the wind!  First up I put some extra pieces of hay on the corners to make a windbreak for the tomato and basil plants.  And last weeks basil and tomato are looking a lot bushier than their potted friends.

First half of garden

Then in the windbreak hay sections I planted some herbs. In a little nest each, they look very bright and happy after a water. And handy to pick as well.

Herb garden

Garlic chives        Herbs




There was some dirt/compost put down while I collected horse poo from the paddock. And we also put down some paper strips for the carbon part of the composting garden. It was around about now that the dogs started taking a VERY big interest in the new part of the garden.

The whole garden




We took some of the hay bales away form the sides. And alternated with sections from a bale put against the sides. We put a large rock in the middle of the T section of the garden and a stake, so I can jump out there to water or pick weeds or vegetables. You can sit on the bale sections to reach parts of the garden. And in the smaller sections along the sides we made little nests and planted the potatoes.





It doesn’t look as tidy without bale sides, but it’s very useful and less ‘hay consuming.’




This is a cross section of last weeks garden when we took away the bale to put on the nest sections.



The side view of the garden








And here is me watering the garden…………. again.


Watering the finished garden



The dogs are taking a much bigger interest in the garden with the addition of horse poo. Oh dear!

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