The End of the World

A couple of years ago my daughter was worried about 2012.

Because that’s when the world is meant to end, right?  Books written about it, etc, etc.


It didn’t matter that I said there’d been people with placards waiting for the end of the world many times over.

Of course, then I went the ‘Just enjoy life now, and don’t worry about it ending…’

Well!  That’s ok for you Mum!  You’ve had most of yours already!


I am perfectly happy to concur with people that I am getting old, well old even.  But as for my life being nearly over!  Never!


I’ll go out shouting ‘Oi, I’m not ready yet!’


I am happy to think about the end though.  In abstract terms.


I have on my FB wall this morning a story about a worm that has evolved to eat GM Corn.

Now, there’s some things to be considered here.

One of them is – what is the source of this news?

Another is – today is April Fools Day.

Then again……


I can share the story if I want to find out if it’s true or mainstream enough to be considered true.

I have a friend who has faster internet at work, and she swears that it takes only 10 mins of googling to suss this out.

As well as faster googling, she probably doesn’t get distracted by other interesting things while she’s there 😀


Or I can wait until another of my friends gives in and posts it, with the same results.  Different people, but those with fast internet who like to Check things Out.


I like this cr@p on my facebook wall.


My brain slowly kicks in with these things.


I start to think about things I’d never have thought up on my own.

Like – Climate change – yes;  End of Word – yes;  What will be left – No.


As I headed off to my 2nd cup of coffee I pondered.


I’m a believer that these very simple, organised, long reigning animals will be there when we’ve Bit the Dust; Gone to God; Struck out to New Planets;  Gone Underground.


The common cold, the flu – they’re still with us.  Keeping us on our toes, as they evolve quicker than us.


Cockroaches, yep they’ll be there I’m sure.


And Huntsmen spiders, especially if the weather gets warmer.  Winter is the only respite I have from them here.

Funnel Webs will also be there, I believe.


Not so our overbred domestic animals.  They won’t last long at all.

Nor us.


Another thing that was on facebook this week.  And a thing that mothers everywhere dread.




Yes, Nits will be there.  At the End of the World.  The little B….I mean Parasites.

Immune to every chemical known to man, and slip sliding through the white conditioner they will  have evolved to deal with……..yes, those sucking little parasites will be there.


They’ll ALWAYS be there!


It’s good to have somethings you can always count on in life?  Right?

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