Starting the starter – Sourdough Bread

Well, this is it!  First to find a glass jar big enough for the starter, and small enough for the fridge.


Then decide what to start the starter with.  And then the fun begins.

They do say leave it uncovered in the kitchen until it is growing properly.  Ummm, the cats?  And then they say it starts to smell earthy………..oh shoot, the cats!  Last week when they were using the lemongrass pot as an interactive kitty litter tray you could have taken the comma out of that last sentence.


I did read another persons blog and they said they always cover theirs with plastic – phew!  It might survive (I’m not going to worry yet about the proving of the loaf – you know what cat’s and warm places are-but that’s still in the future.)


Here tis!     



Went to a blogsite to check the Day 2 part of the recipe for the starter…………seems I got the water component incorrect yesterday.  Not to worry, I’m just going to carry on and see what happens.  Although there are some bubbles on top there are no bubbles visibly moving through the mix.  So added more in;   see what happens.

Huge frost overnight, so conditions are far from perfect.  We don’t have central heating and the fire goes out o/night unless there’s a reason to need it first thing in the morning.  Got to think of the planet and burn less wood – helps with the budget as well.


I think this is going to have to morph into the She’ll be right, mate, sourdough bread section.


Just about to start the ‘Throw out, and add’ part of the starter journey.  So although It’ll be hard to part with it, at least I’m expecting the compost heap to do awesome things now as well!


And the next step – leaving the teens in charge of the starter for four days OMG!  I hope it likes getting up in the afternoon and staying up late all night listening to loud music – maybe they’ll start it’s own facebook page for it!


Reading someone else’s starter stories and it seems their starter got out of the jar overnight in the fridge…………….scary!






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