Spring 2015…Unsprung in the Snowy Mountains. Ditto 2016

I joined in on the Spring is Here along with everyone else!

A week of beeeea-ooo-t-i-ful days.

I ordered a stack of seeds online.  I bought some potting mix to plant them in.  I ordered two round bales of silage hay to mulch the place into the next year.

Spring bulbs
Spring bulbs and ornaments.

And then the Cold Snap.  Yes, I know.  It’s always like this in spring everywhere.  But really the internet is messing with my head.

Online gardenning sites. People are not planting their seeds up north!  They are harvesting the d@mn things! It’s just not right.

I can’t even plant anything frost worthy till about November…and a December frost is not unknown.

I know all this – and I still couldn’t help myself.  I restrained myself at the time, to just planting some lettuce, and some snow peas.

Early starters
Early starters

I couldn’t even mulch as the electric fence wasn’t working, so the horses would come straight in and eat my mulch on the bale, let alone what I put on the garden!


I tucked my lip back in.  Straightened my shoulders, and went shopping.


A brand new energiser…not for me!  For the fence.

Yesterday son put in star pickets and electricked it up for me (we need the pigtails to go around the front fence to save the blueberries and the agapanthus and another bale of hay.)


The strawberries that Harry the Horse didn’t eat, were moved out the back under the peach/nectarine trees as they are supposed to help with that curly leaf fungus they get.

I planted corn, scarlet runner beans/pumpkins, under a motorbike stand that will be covered in plastic next week to protect the little darlings (Painted Mountain Corn from The Lost Seed – really excited about having multicoloured corn.)

We mulched everything we could.  Daughter says she can still smell the hay a day later.  Silage hay in plastic has a very  ‘distinctive’ smell.

We also mulched the Banksia Roses (thornless roses – fantastic things, big, showy, used to take over the back staircase in Sydney – needed to be hacked back at least twice during summer up there. You need thugish types of plants here or they don’t survive.)

Today I’m hoping to get the front/side electrified.  Then mulch the flower gardens.  Its the best way to deal with weeds.  Thick mulch to suppress the weeds.  The grass/weeds break down and go back into the soil, so does the mulch, but it also keeps the ground wet when it’s watered or rains.

The Iris are all up in leaf.  They look so military!  The jonquils/snowflakes/mini hyacinths are dying down.  Hoping the mini roses will take root and give us a show this summer.

20151101_114600 20141029_120253 20151001_114508

Mulching/manure tea/watering on the agenda today and tomorrow.

Seedless green grape

Seeds planted on the deck as well.

Tray of beetroot seedlings

Next week, I shall be turning the trampoline skeleton into a mini greenhouse as well.


I may not be harvesting (or even sowing yet) but I’m gardening!


And praying for rain.

An Aussie Bush


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