Smartphones…Rugged or what!

So true – I’ve yet to master not using the exclamation mark.  Good thing I didn’t make that one of my new years resolutions!


Once before I had a blogpost called ‘Show us your phone, luv.’


It was about how fragile some of these supposedly smart phones are.

I may have mentioned that I backed the ute over my unsmartphone, and it did crack the screen – but it did still ring….after I got the ute off it.


But now comes the new era.  I have someone’s old Half-Smart Phone.


It’s pretty much dead tho.  And I can’t buy a pretty cover for it since it’s so old.

And the battery keeps trying to escape out the back, even with sticky tape on it.  And that makes the touch screen hard to see.


So on with the search for another – slightly younger Somewhat Smart Phone with a Touch screeen.

I’d really like to take selfies so need a front facing camera.  This is really important to me.  Altho I’ve not seen a photo of me recently that I liked, no matter which way the camera was facing.


Then I need to facebook.  So I can see what my friends are up to, and bore them with my troubles.


And I should be able to access the internet since I’m away to work these days.


And I would like to be able to buy a really cute cover for it.  That’s really, really important.


So I asked me techie relative.  Tell me what I need!

He did.  I went on ebay.  I didn’t win any of the phones.  Totally p’d off I was!


So he’s on another quest to find me a Somewhat Smart Phone for his Somewhat Weird Relative – within a price range she can afford.


My next new phone may even come with NFC!  Wooohooo!  That would stand for No Freaking Clue, right?


Oh and it must not be from a company who won’t send it to you unless you buy a letterbox instead of a post box.  That company, boy, not going to do any free advertising for them.  You may have seen me dragging their name through the mud on my facebook page though.


I’ve had a little look at the phone suggested.  And then I had a little look at other phones on the page.  Just to see really, why the heck the others are so expensive!


One of them is apparently not only Dustproof (I don’t even dust the house so this may not be a big issue for  me) and wait for it – you can put this phone in water to 1.5 metres for 30 minutes.  Not 31 minutes.  30 minutes.

Yes, I knew you’d be impressed.


There’s another that is named Rugged.  Ooooooh, yeah.  No.  It is Dustproof too, but it can only be leakproof to one metre for 30 minutes – what a wimp!


The other one wasn’t called Freaking Awesome, as it should have been.


Oh wait, did I actually want a phone so I could go swimming with it?

A waterproof watch I can understand.  But I don’t even have a phone pocket in my swimmers….might be time to buy some…….


Half  Smart  Swimmers!!!

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