#Say with me: Hatred and Nastiness has no place here.

I’m saddened by the news this morning of two hostages dying when the seige was ended this morning.


We don’t know who they were, or anything about their families.  Nor should we.

That part is none of our business.  Let their families grieve in peace.


The people who were involved for 16 hours will never be the same.  Nor will their families.


I woke up this morning and turned the computer on to find the bare basics.


I found them.  But in flicking through I also found a paper that decided the reason for this to happen (at least where it did ) was because that company was not halal.

Talk about trying to stir up a storm, without mentioning the religion or country…and everyone had jumped on it and were getting into a frenzy of hate.


And so there is my reason for this post.


Last night on twitter there was a #ridewithme started.  Where other australians, because they are all australians, offered their public transport timetables to others who might be afraid to travel alone today.  And any day, depending who else is on the bus/train/ferry.


That’s a great thing.  I’m ashamed at times, how racist and bigoted Australia has become.  It’s great that people are holding out a twitter hand to others.

May it continue, after the trauma recedes.


Why does it take a major crisis to bring out the good in people?  Someone on facebook remarked how on the way home from the city, other travellers weren’t txting so much, were looking at each other and offering a smile.


Why do we hear so much anger, hatred, persecution from Australians?

Do they not care about others?  It seems some of us do.

Then why is there so much more heard from the haters?


I think it’s because those of us who don’t have anger and hatred ruling our lives are more inclined to keep our opinions to ourselves.  We treat people as we find them.


We don’t go to the newspapers spouting nastiness.

We don’t dwell on nastiness that has happened.

We think about it, we cope with it, we talk quietly amongst ourselves;  not feeling the need to see it written or shouted, to have our opinions validated.


And that’s wrong.  I’ve decided it is!  Shall I yell it out quite loudly?



It’s wrong, because by keeping quietly supportive to people with differences to us, we are allowing them to be harried by the louder rabble.


Is it just muslims?  No, if you are Christian then you would be familiar with the story of Jesus going into (I forget where) but pushing over tables, telling people they were loud, and nasty and not really Godly at all.  All religions have their quiet masses, and their fanatical few.  There have been many fanatics throughout history and throughout the world.  It’s not a new problem and it is not created by having people from a different country to ours, move here.


They brought good things with them.  And some things that are not good are not here because of them, they are here because of themselves.


It’s not about how people dress.  Teenagers in hoodies, cop that crap as well.  People who have beards and long hair.  Just like a fully dressed person stands out in a nudist colony, differences are all around us.  Embrace them.


Security?  Yes, security is in charge of how they need to manage people who have their faces obscured – with whatever.  Not us.  Security.


We don’t need to think like this, or live like this.


I think the time has come, for all of us who respect people, their views, their habits, their dress, their food, their customs, to speak out more about how special everyone is.


The time to just go on about your business and ignore the bigotry and nastiness is over.


From me:  I adore the foods that have come from other countries!  My father was a meat and two veg guy, drove my mother demented as he wouldn’t try anything new, except zucchini, because an italian guy at work gave him some seeds to grow, and he loved gardening (see the way to a man’s stomach is through his garden).  But I love foods from asia, europe, the mediterrean, india.


I love the clothes too.  Someone at work recently had just the nicest and most coordinated work clothes.  I had to tell her, not only did I love the scarf, but I was in awe of her colour coordination – me being unable to find two coordinated socks on the same day!

And I want a Sari one day.  Love those jewell colours and the gold embroidered borders.


I love the sheer exuberance of some cultures.  They throw themselves into good and bad things with such passion.  And others, have that calm, tranquil manner that makes me wish for some of that on a feral day, as I spit and splutter and try to keep it all together.


I don’t tolerate the abuse that some some women get in their culture….and yes, that includes my own culture!  Just because it’s white doesn’t mean it’s not happening.


I don’t always understand everything about other cultures, some seem very foreign to me.  As long as they are not hurting me or others, then that’s ok.  I don’t have to understand everything.


To end this post I’d like to say.


To the two people who died this morning, and their families – heartfelt sympathies.

To the people who lived through the 16 hours seige and their families – may you learn to cope with the trauma, in time.


And I’d like to add – to the murdered wife of the gunman – heartfelt sympathies for the fear and pain you also must have felt.


#Say with me:  Hatred and nastiness has no place here.











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