Road trip – teen learner driver’s

OMG – Let me set the scene.  I’m feeling quite ill – swine flu?  I  doubt it but its nasty and I’m not happy.  The night before we leave (planning an early morning escape)  its -4c.  Yes that’s right, so lets have a fire as well.

It’s actually a late start, I’m too sick and too cold to get up, let alone harrass two teens who have been up half the night watching dvd’s and one preteen who couldn’t get to sleep anyway.


The toast was still sitting in the toaster when we got back, that’s how well it went.


Off we go – we’re heading for Sydney today.


Two hours later we still haven’t left Canberra behind.  That’s half the problem with learner drivers.  They can only go at 80 kph so not only do you have a million cars behind you, but it takes twice as long to get anywhere, and its so boring it”s torture!


I kept wanting to txt my nieces in Sydney to say ‘Kill me now;  don’t just torture me with this driving first!’

I didn’t tho, as that would have been a bad example for them.


Driving at 80 kph for 6 hours makes watching paint dry an extreme event.


We finally got to Canberra and swapped drivers.


Yes, that’s right, because I have two of them I don’t have to have a 20 min break every 2 hours, we can just play musical seats and o-f-f-w-e-g-o-a-g-a-i-n————omg I’m so lucky!

My head is still aching, my throat is still killing me, and my eyes are still bloodshot btw.


Finally I got a turn to drive.  Vrooooooommmmmm.

Oh then we had to pull off the motorway to get petrol.  Then back on where there are no people tolls.


This is where it all got a little scary.  No idea what the toll will be, we have about a$1 in change, a fiver and a twenty dollar note.  And no way to get out of the tollgate if it wont take them.


Pull in and its under $5 and there’s a slot for the notes.  So i get out, put the $5 note in, and put my hand in the change hole to catch it, so i can get back in the car in a hurry and thru the gate.  Then the bloody thing spits the fiver out and the wind catches it!

I almost caught it when it flew over the top of the car.

Then with the wind change it shot under the car but I got the B@………….d when it came back out again.  And i swore at it.


Now I know it wants to go in a certain way……….but I don’t know what way I put it in first, so I put it in again, and back it comes (but I’m ready for you now you little blighter!) and I turn it around and put it in again.


Yep it comes straight back out……….so I look at it all over and try to put it in differently and call over my shoulder ‘Give me the $20’.


The kids all call out you have to put it in the way it wants mum (as if I didnt freaking know that by now) and back comes the fiver again and I SCREAM ‘GIVE ME THE FREAKIN TWENTY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!’ and put the b@………d back in!


Lo and behold the change pops out and the gate goes up!  That bloody minded machine was just playing with me! ;(  (You may find this on you-tube however I wouldnt know what category to look for it under).

And so we drove into the city.


You know it’s not exactly fun driving in the city when you haven’t been there for a while.


Add to that my aching head, my bloodshot eyes, that I need to lie down sometime soon and that i need to pee sometime today.


Then add the city traffic, how easy it is to get onto the harbour bridge when you are trying to get into The Rocks area of the city, all the private traffic, the pedestrians and the taxi’s and buses.


Oh don’t forget the taxi and bus only lanes either.


The first time we went over the bridge inadvertently we did actually see The Rocks YHA where we were planning to stay, of course we were going in the wrong direction and over the bridge at the time.  Nice to know where it is tho, even if you can’t get there.


It took us quite sometime to get back again (about 5pm) there’s lots of ‘no left/right turns’ and ‘buses excepted’ and various other signs of torture, where you can see where you want to go, but can’t find out how to get there.


We did eventually end up back on the bridge – of course without an etag.

Now I have received many a bill from the M7 – it’s great they dont send them till you have a pay or two under your belt after the holiday and then you’re happy to pay.


I didn’t appreciate that little sign at the ‘etags only’ that said ‘trying to evade paying the toll can result in $130 fines’.  Trying to evade paying the toll?  I was trying to evade the freaking bridge altogether you useless git of a sign!  There’s probably a fine for swearing at signs on the bridge as well.  And I’ll recieve that in the mail too.


The kids were quite excited when we went past the YHA again on the bridge.  As I remarked tho since we were now on some eastern distributor we may well not be able to come back till we reached the eastern suburbs.  Even they were a bit quieter then.


Then we got back into town.  Went around, back, up the same place in the opposite direction, no right, no right, no right.  We got back to the bridge at one stage (i was pretty feral  by then and instead of staying in my lane swore at everyone and drove out of the way)  a small blue car started giving way to me whenever he saw me;  even taxi’s started holding back.


I wasn’t a pretty sight.


We holed up in a small side street until we realised the street we’d been looking all over for was – right there in front of us.


OMG what a relief.  We found the hostel.  They told us where the parking station was – a couple of streets away………but we made it!


Deserted the car and headed off for a 10 min rest before we went on a bus finding mission to have dinner with rels in china town.  Lovely food TG – those buses can be hard to catch!  Stay tuned for the rest of the roadtrip – it just gets better and better!  I think……………or worse,and worse!

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