Revenge of the single parent!

Well, how funny can life be?


Appears that on monday night there is the information evening for the HSC subject choice for our year 10’s.


Maybe I missed any forward notice.  I just saw it on the calendar emailed last week.


Since I’m working I’ll be sending the Parental Substitute with daughter.


That would be Techie 2.  Wonder if he’ll give Techie 1 a call and see if he’ll help out?


Really, the only thing funnier than seeing one of them take the Baby Sister through the information evening would be seeing both of them do it!


Techie 2 and I have just had a run through of what he shouldn’t say or do.  And a little bit of ‘do I have to do that?’ followed by a bit of ‘Yes, parental subsitute, you do.’


He then had a short trip down memory lane, and we had a debate  about whose memory was most correct!


Should I be nice to him and say…go for the chocolate cake quickly because it only lasts about 3 seconds?  Or just let him learn the hard way, like I had to?

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