Remind me not to sharpen the knives next autumn…

Especially if I’m going out to remove the pumpkins from the vines that have been flattened by the frost.  I know, I know!  The knife is for cutting the stalks on the pumpkins, not for pulling the vines out of the long grass without being bitten by a snake.  But I’ve been slack with the mowing, and the pumpkin vines absolutely took over the back corner!  Next year I’m going to make sure the electric fence is going and see if the vines like it or hate it!  Or just zap it out, which is more likely I guess.  So back to the knife – I did cut my face, but only a little, and I missed my eye, which is really good.  Always look for the positive I say!  Just remind me not to sharpen the knives next Autumn, because I can’t be trusted. 

Sustainable living at it’s best – I sustained an injury.  At least my reflexes are still pretty good.

On another positive note, I did get some awesome big pumpkins, I think they are Queensland Blue’s by the looks of it (no, I’m not organised enough to write down what I actually planted, and I didn’t plant the one in the compost anyways.)  But I also got a few very little pumpkins, who just didn’t have time before the big frost.  And I got some middle sized ones.  A couple of pumpkins are ripe, but a couple that obviously aren’t….now my question is – can you make something out of unripe pumpkins?  Apart from a mess.  You can make green tomato pickles and chutney, so I’m just wondering.  I’m going to ask my stepmother when I’m visiting.  I’m going to ask everyone I know on fb and twitter – Just what can you do with half ripened pumpkins? And I want to know if any of you have any clues?  Come on, where’s your knowledge?  Don’t you have an old neighbour who might have learned how to use unripened pumpkins?  They used to use every part of everything in those days – I remember my Dad making sort of whistles from pumpkin vines – worked like a bazooka?  Is that a musical instrument or a gun?  



n. A shoulder-held weapon consisting of a long metal smoothbore tube for firing armor-piercing rockets at short range.

[After the bazooka, a crude wind instrument made of pipes, invented and named by Bob Burns (1896-1956), American comedian, probably from bazoo, kazoo.]
There you go I was right after all.  Mind you my brothers probably used it as a spitball launcher so it would have always had 2 uses.  My poor deprived children had to take the useful (to me) part out of pens so they could make spit ball launchers…such a sad life.  I’m so glad that bus driver was turning the opposite way after he saw the boys using his bus for target practise.  It’s not that I condone that sort of thing, but kids will find ways to amuse themselves in peak hour Sydney traffic. 
Back to the unripened punkins again – don’t forget to come in with any ‘clean’ suggestions for them. 
And if you are looking to make punkin soup out of the ripened ones then pop over to http://countrylife.feral007.com/2011/03/16/my-pumpkins-a-mess/ and see how to make the easiest ‘Roast Pumpkin Soup’  because I only cook Easy food! 

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