Quote of the week – January 2013

Ok, if you’ve never been rural  before, let alone remote, then you won’t get this quote.


Is there an ATM here? 


There’s what we call a short drive there (and back).  I should have said ‘And there’s no petrol station either.’

Kelpie's in the beaut ute.

What’s the difference between rural and remote.  Well, when the work salary packaging people consider it, their criteria is that the next nearest place you could work, is over 100 k’s away.


It’s about the fact also, that there is no major through road here.  So that last little town you went through?  That was where the accommodation, the shops, the ATM’s, the petrol were.   For nearly 200 k’s.  You may need to pause and see if that thought can be processed, if you have never left the city or major towns before.


We don’t mind not having all those things out here.  We like having a quiet road (apart from those logging trucks.)


It is funny when you say to people here – Is there an ATM here?  If they have just taken a mouthful of a bevvie (whether coffee or alcoholic) it is amusing to see when they snort.


We’ve learned to live without ATM’s and petrol stations.  I have once woken up at 3 am and thought OMG – I forgot to get diesel before I came home last night.  And then rung round the neighbours at 7am to find someone who could pick me up (with a diesel container) and drop me at work.

Another little trick for getting home, is to stand at the corner of ‘Our Road.’  And just watch for cars coming around.  Almost all of them will be your neighbours and most will stop and offer you a lift.  I didn’t get that concept when we first moved here.

I worried that if the car wouldn’t go, I wouldn’t be able to get to work.  People just said ‘Oh there’s a few people who work here and live out your way.’


I thought ‘And how will that help me?’  Because I don’t know any of them!  But when I get stuck now I just ring a few of them, and if they can’t help, then I ask the receptionist’s, who are great resources.  And we usually come up with someone who is going my way.


Someone tried to use an ATM card here too.  But we have no wireless coverage, so they can use a credit card and sign for it, but not eftpos.  They just didn’t get the concept of no internet access, no eftpos, either……..

Australian bush


So, next time you’re going Somewhere, and if that ‘somewhere’ might be in the middle of Nowhere…………..just check out where the closest ATM and service stations are, before you drive past them 🙂


And if you want to see the locals looking seriously uncool as they snort a bevvie out their nose, then ask them – Is there an ATM here?


Then take a sip of your own bevvie, and smile sweetly as they dry themselves off.

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