Permaculture Gardens

I attended a one day workshop on permaculture gardens this weekend.  It was awesome!  We learned heaps.  I didn’t know how much I already knew, but learned a lot more about it, and a lot of new stuff.  My son is keen to get some books that were mentioned.  Bit too expensive atm with the finances in dire straits for a few more pays.  But I did go out and buy some bales of hay.  I’m going to edge my new vegie garden with them, and also have a couple of wind breaks with them.  Might even manage to stop losing tomato plants to frosts.  Learned a little trick to make an instant glasshouse too.  Was really exciting and made us want to rush out and get started.  I’m off to Liquorland tomorrow………..no not to buy alcohol!  But to get lots of cardboard to start the no dig garden!  Well all those beer cartons!  You can’t expect me to drink enough to get the garden started in a hurry!  It will be a while before we have a food forest but it will get there!  So far only 6 bales of hay in the front yard, but many more coming soon.  Knic Nac is happily dancing on the bales – see me – I feel so tall!  Yes, there will be a wire fence around it to keep her out!  She loves to garden after she’s watched me do it – little sod of a dog!

I was at the markets this morning and ended up with 3 tomato plants: Tommy Toe, Grosse and another!  Some spicy Basil; a black zucchini plant, some oregano, chocolate mint, flat parsley, garlic chives.  One of the cats took a liking to the garlic chives – they’ll need a good wash before we eat them, he was trying to chew them off in a bit of a frenzy so I’m wondering if they are crossed with cat mint! After that he went and had a good chew on the fake christmas tree.  He’s always been a little odd that cat.

So I have the beginnings of my permaculture garden.  I’ll take some photos tomorrow for the before’s.  Looking forward to eating the ‘afters!’


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