Reading, writing, but none of that ‘rithmetic!

And here’s where I would like some help. I’d love you to ask your kids if they would do a book review for me. And for those with very young children if you would do a book review on what book you liked/didn’t like the most; and what caught the attention of those toddlers.

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Literacy, one step along – reading for teenagers.

So I’m on a mission to find interesting, well written books for teenagers to read. I’m also going to see if I can find some for teenagers who struggle with reading. Because although mine don’t now – I know how sad it can be to see your child unable to tap into that vast source of enjoyment that reading is.

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Academic Academic Academic!

I would like to see two Awards ceremonies. One for those who excel in the Academics. And one for those who are just plain fabulous people! They rock. And I’d like to be there to clap and yahoo for each and every one of them. Un-Academically yours….Feral

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