No Dig Garden – Take Two

This is the first of this season’s No Dig Garden.  A couple of photo’s before, during and after………oh and a Squeaky Toy Break with the Kelpie.



The grapes vines, one ornamental – to give the deck fence colour, without me having to paint it, and one green grape to eat.  There’ll be several more grape vines around the house eventually.



Some pansies that I put in at the beginning of winter, still going strong.  The curled parsley found hiding under a rock – the cat did that!

The rosemary, the mountain pepper doing well.  The oregano half hidden in the straw but surviving even the snow x2 this winter.  Savoury did good as well.  The curry plant (smell only not for cooking), the comfrey, for mulching and making comfrey tea for the garden.  I thought the French Tarragon had gone to God, but I found it under the straw!  Awesome.


We found some cheap lucerne hay – no pesticides sprayed on the paddocks.  I think about 7 did this garden, the fruit trees, and two raised beds that I’ll show you next time.


Firstly, cardboard down (thanks Aldi) then one biscuit of hay flat around the edges.  And as you can see two pathways with flat biscuits.  Hay pulled loose and put down in all three parts of the garden.


We had a load of topsoil delivered as we just don’t generate enough compost for all the gardens we are having this year.  So Techie 2 shovelled and barrowed the topsoil over and I spread it out over the hay.  We watered the hay first and then the dirt.  Otherwise it gets too dry.

Around the outside edge of the garden there is a second hay biscuit, set on the ground on the outside edge and with the topsoil tipping it up on the inside edge.  It makes it easier to keep the grass at bay, and the dirt where it should be.  And it looks nice.

The grape vines are at the end of each of the ‘pathways.’


The Blue Water Butt has manure in it – it’s cooking up a manure tea.


We did get horse manure from the paddocks and mix in with the topsoil.  Well we won’t bother doing that again!  The kelpie’s both kept coming over and grabbing chunks and retiring under the tree to eat it, then back for more!  Disgusting.


Mind you, I’m pretty sure they’ll be trying to find the manure when the manure tea goes on…..it’s going to be a bit whiffy for a day or two.


We put snowpeas along that pretty curve.  And rainbow chard (silverbeet) near the grapevine.

We’ll be putting shadecloth behind the garden to stop the grass from growing through under the deck.



Here it is nearly finished.  We didn’t have quite enough cardboard for the corner behind the pine tree, but finished it the next day.  You can see there is a light loose layer of hay over the topsoil, to keep it moist and protect the plants.


Oh did I say it was going to be a Herb and Veg Garden?  We put some lettuce in behind the pine tree.  Some red onions at the back.  And there is a lot more going in soon.  We’re going to put some in the ground directly, and grow some in modules.  And see what works best for the various plants.

In the middle of summer they don’t transplant so well in the baking heat.


A Rose wine, with a rose sunset.


Oh and the garden supervisor hard at work!


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