My Cat Likes to Pee in Boxes

When I lived in England for 12 months I used to go to book sales and once bought my neices a book called ‘My cat likes to hide in boxes’ by Eve Sutton Illustrated by Lynley Dodd.  I never gave them the book!  I kept it for myself.  I used to know it off by heart.  For some reason it just appealed to my head, my heart and my mouth.

I now have a different issue!  This is one of the problems.  This cat will hide behind the recycling and the garbage bin and pee!

Eeev-vil Kitt-eee

This cat is referred to as ‘Your Cat!’ and ‘That ………….yes well, not very polite, but quite descriptive …..Cat!’   Because Your cat likes to pee in boxes.   Actually, he likes to pee on plastic too, so any plastic anywhere is at risk.  This is the reason that the sound of crinkling plastic will galvanise anyone in my house, jumping up and screaming ‘What are you doing!’  And no, we don’t need a question mark there, it is not a question!  As he sleeps inside at night you will hear a yell from one room after another as he wanders around looking for someone to pat him…………just crinkle some plastic and they will shoot out of bed yelling ”What are you doing!’  It’s not an idle threat tho, he will usually pee a bit or a lot, just because he can.  He pee’s on those plastic page protectors, making them unpopuar here because if it was needing protection it definately wasn’t needing plastic protection.

He has other objects of choice too.  Bags and backpacks.  If you’ve been away and haven’t unpacked your bag, just left it on the floor so you can put the dirty clothes out, the clean ones away, and wash the bag…..because that fracking cat has pee’d into the bag.  Not just on it, but in it.

Undercover cat - he's just pretending to be nice.

When one of the teens moved out and then came back to visit he upset the cat somehow.  Said cat then stalked around the house untill he found that boys backpack, and you guessed it – he pee’d on it!  Made the teen glad he had moved out – with people who didn’t express their displeasure with urine!



He likes to pee in boxes, too.  I had some things stored in a box.  It had been in the cupboard for ages.  There was an assortment of things in there.  And I finally put the box out so I could sort it out.  It had the four top bits intertwined so the box stayed shut.  The cat took up residence on that box a lot in the next few days.  And one day as I got my breakfast before I put out the cat biscuits, That Cat, Your Cat, poised itself over the 1 cm x 4 cm gap in the top of the box, and pee’d right into it!   It’s amazing how fast he can move when he needs to!



Shut him out you say?  Let me tell you – when he gets back in, you are

I'm watching you!

going to be soooo very sorry you did that!


So what do the cats in Austraia like to do?  The cat from Perth is full of mirth, the cat from Whyalla is an awesome fella, the cat from Sydney likes steak and kidsney, the cat from Darwin likes argue-in, the cat from Cairns does MRI scans, the cat from Bairnsdale likes to eat tuna and kale, the cat from Wollongong makes an awful pong – but we all know what I’m going to find in boxes.  You’ll understand  why I’m so keen on eucalytus and tea tree oil.


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