My brain is stuffed!

Absolutely stuffed i tell you!


Well yes, its not always working well either, but this weekend I have had so much information thrown in there, its like the tables at the high school after the once a year ski sale.   There is stuff shoved into every part of my brain, its sticking out all over the place its so full.


Trouble is I’m worried that I’ll forget something before I have a chance to think about it and file it in the useful, maybe useful and straight into the ‘big black hole’ that is most of my brain.


Hmmm well a week or two later and not much improvement – I have relieved the pressure somewhat and started learning a few new things!  And lots have been happening at work and I keep wondering…………is there a limit to how much I can learn?


Is there a time frame for my brain to process information…………..or is there an unlimited amount of space in there – and no filing or retrieval system that i can fathom!


You know I’m finding that I am increasingly saying ‘That rings a vague bell?’


You know last year I met someone and thought ‘Damn you look familiar’  luckily I didn’t get a chance to say it – people in govt that you see on tv at least daily do tend to look familiar after a while rofl!

If I’m getting Alzhiemer’s then I’m in good company because there are a lot of people that are in the same boat – its getting quite crowded in fact.


I still haven’t had a chance to go through all the stuff that went in at the last seminar I went to for work.  Must do that one day.  That’s the problem with information.  I usually find that there is too much at once, then I get busy and cant get around to looking at the information and making use of it.


I think I’m going to have a plan for this stuff now though!  I’m going to go over something for 40 mins each evening.


Even if my brain is not actually functioning due to tiredness, I’m just going to read something anyway.


Maybe my subconscious will do something useful with it while I’m sleeping – like file it somewhere where the search engine in my head can find it for a change.


It all seems a bit of a waste at times, the amount of stuff i know (or was exposed to) and the amount of times I get to use it (if and when I can remember it).


I used to fancy the idea of reincarnation.  Another chance to do things, that way I dont have to get perfect in one go, I can save a few things over to the next life?  I’m coming back as a jersey cow next time (if there is one) nice tits, great legs, you know.


These days I’m feeling pretty tired, I’m thinking  ‘I can do it all over again, and again, and again!’


Its too much!


Maybe my brain could come back without me – seems a shame to waste all that learning on one life – I haven’t really had a my money’s worth out of the learning,  if you know what I mean?


There’s probably a bluddy seminar on that too!  No, no thank you very much, I don’t want to hear about it.


I’m just too full for comfort atm.

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