Margy laid an egg!

Margaret, aka Hotlips Hoolihan (Hotbeak just doesn’t sound right)  laid an egg!  Actually, she has laid 6 eggs and managed to keep us from finding them, the secretive little thing!

Small brown eggs in a bowl

The nest boxes are in a row at the back of the henhouse, we put a couple of plastic eggs in one of them to give her the idea.  A white one or a brown one?  Heavy or light?  What colour eggs does your chook lay?  Well how would I know she hasn’t laid one yet!

I bought one of each, the brown one is light, the white one heavy.  Daughter put the plastic eggs in the middle nestbox.  Margy has been hiding hers in the last nestbox.  She has hooped up the front of the nestbox (hay) so that the eggs couldn’t be seen.


Hope she doesn’t mind too much that we have pinched them all.


They are only little eggs, brown, and no one is allowed to eat them until a photo has been taken.


I hear that we could get quite a few double and triple yolkers till she gets the hang of one egg, one yolk.  That will make cooking interesting!


WTG Margy!


Now Shirley and Laverne, you have about 4 weeks max to get cracking yourselves!  Well actually, you do the laying and we’ll do the cracking!

4 eggs and some tomatoes on a bbq

And while the chookers are not looking here’s what we did with our eggs.

Eggs and bread on bbq
Bush Eggs, these eggs supplied courtesy of Margy’s close relatives.




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