Let's have a pyjama day – and invite the world around!

What?  You don’t see people normally when you’re wearing pyjamas?  I seem to!


My mother maintained that people only came to visit when the house was untidy…..my house is always untidy.  For me – people, especially people I don’t know, don’t like, or have to do business with, always, always, always, turn up when I’m in my pj’s!


It’s amazing when you look at it geographically.  Our house is termed not just ‘Rural’ but ‘Remote’ – especially when it comes to spending money on infrastructure ie phone lines, internet cables, and many other things of that ilk.  The National Something or other – the one that talks about what you can have when you can’t have an internet cable – told us that there was about 4% of Australia that didn’t have the capability.  And that we should really face the fact that we probably always would be in that percent.  I’ve noticed this year 2012 that it’s now down to 3% and yes I’m still in it.  It’s also impossible to get tradesmen and repairers out here.  I’m pretty sure some women have married a tradesman for reasons of repair.


I have a friend who’s happy to loan me her hubby to do building work.  But since the stovetop is now caput, there is another dilemma.  New stovetops are different sizes.  So I’ll need to borrow her hubby.  But since I’d like to change the connection from electric to gas I’m probably going to need to become a bigamist to get that done!


Back to the Pj’s.  We live in Remote Australia.  We do live on a tarred road though.  And there is only one closed gate between the road and my house gate.  I’ve decided that I’d like a solar-powered gate locker with remote.  I’m quite happy for the kids to open and shut the gate.  But I’d like the option to stay up at the house and snap that gate locked some days!  I’ve always felt that locking the front and back gates is a bit unfriendly – but my personal space increases when I’m having a Pj Day.


When we first moved down here we lived 50 kilometres from the nearest town.  9 kilometres down a dirt road.  Then two closed gates, and 3 paddocks from the dirt road.  One saturday morning – knowing that everyone else on the farm was away, I knew because I was feeding the animals.  So I sat there in my purple Pj’s, with a red jumper over the top because it was a bit chilly.  Took my toast and coffee and a good book back to bed.  The kids are running around the paddocks on their bikes.  And next thing one of the kids turns up with these city folks they found roaming around lost near the front of the property.  I could not believe that these people could manage to find me in my Pj’s.  They had of course been sent out by one of the real estate agents with their instructions.  Usually the instructions consist of go down the 2nd dirt road on your right after the empty dam, and over 5 cattle grids and past two rusty gates…………you’re often in the wrong state when you see a piece of real estate that you really like, but hey.


Having had 2 weeks off over Christmas and knowing that half the countryside is over on the coast for a break I was having many a Pj Day.  If I wasn’t out in the paddock I was in the butterfly Pj’s.  Just thought I’d let those who didn’t spring me in them know so they didn’t feel left out.  The interesting thing is that the kids don’t get that I don’t want to be seen in my Pj’s.  Hello!  I don’t wear a bra to bed!  Well, as if anyone is going to look mum!

Butterfly Pj's and cat

I’m thinking of making some denim Pj’s with a built in bra – could save me some embarrassment.

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