Just Your Average Kelpie – Part 2

Well I finally knocked that 78k spot over.  Didn’t seem to be able to get under that for a while.  I’ve been getting fitter tho, very few stops to catch my breath although I do have to stop now and again just to admire the view.  I’m now 77.7 K’s  7 is my lucky number!  One of my boys keeps tipping the scales at 66.6 K’s – I tell him I always knew he was an evil child!   I’m still eating less as well.  Even though I don’t get time to listen to the subliminal Mp3’s every day it’s still working.  And with a little hot weather the last few days salads are sounding fantastic.  I’m almost looking forward to summer – apart from the snakes!  I’ve even taken up Orange Bubbles – Orange bubbles?  Yep, orange juice with fizzy mineral water!  One of my friends says orange juice has more calories than wine….but then you know I rarely want to drink the bottle of orange juice dry!

Here’s hoping there’ll be another kilo gone soon.  With the days getting longer it’s easier to take the dogs for a walk as well as get the horse ridden (not that I do that – just that you can’t ride when the dogs are off lead;  my personal trainer is a bit of a horse chaser, naughty thing that he is.)  I wanted to put a little video on here but we’ve lost the sd card with it on!  Murphy’s Law.  So here’s two pictures to finish off with.  One of the Able bodied Assistant Nic Nac and one of the sunset.  Enjoy

It’s a dogs life!

You won’t often see her this still!

A view from the deck at sunset

This scene does sooooo go with a glass of red tho!


I’ll just be over here doing a little happy dance while you look. Woo hoo, woohoohoo!

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