Just Your Average Kelpie, Knic Nac, Mum, and snakes.

Ok it may be punctuation suicide to put a comma between Mum, and snakes, but Mum feels anything between her and a snake can’t be a bad thing. You’re wondering how snakes get into a weightloss blog? Well, if you’ve read any other topics here you’ll have noticed that I do my walking and weightloss-ing in winter. Because of snakes. We have the brown, the tiger, the copperhead, and some blacks. The blacks as previously mentioned are known as ‘friendly snakes’ by comparison to the others. It is possible to walk on the fire trail without running over, or into a snake, but it’s more possible that you will. Especially if you have two very energetic dogs running hither and thither. This year we had a very hot short spell of weather…..I kept walking the dogs, hoping that the very cold overnight temperatures were keeping the snakes from thawing out. Then we had a really cold snap. Back to having the fire on o/night, getting the woollies back out of the cupboard to wear again. At the end of that cold snap the dogs found a snake under our house. Originally I thought it was probably a black. See the post We put the dogs on their leads for safety and mowed as much of the house yard as we could manage (well we’d had some rain and the grass sort of took off.) Then we couldn’t find the snake. Walking very carefully around the yard. As you do. Making sure the back door was always shut as we came in or out in case something else came up the back steps. I wasn’t very happy. I was even unhappier 4 days later when I came home from work and my son informed me it was in the roof. The dogs found it again, but this time it was slithering across the deck roof (the clear part) and then disappeared into the roof. OMG! I wan’t say what else I said, but it went on for a while and there were several repetitions of certain words.
We checked all the cupboards to make sure they were shut. The most likely one for it to get into won’t shut properly, of course. Murphy’s Law of snake in the house. I had two glasses of red wine and went out to dinner as previously planned. I wasn’t sure I would be game to come back home, but I was too tired to even think about it for a while. The next day I spoke to the Wildlife people. The Visitors Centre (the National Parks and Wildlife people were ‘out in the field’), the snake catching man, the national parks and wildlife people (out of the field.) The upshot being all the men said ‘How did it get up there?’ To which I replied (trying very hard to minimise the expletives – I don’t freaking care how it got up there frankly, I just want to know how someone else is going to get it out! The snake man won’t travel this far – although he says he’d be more than happy to stick his head and all his body into my roof space and ferret around for what we’ve identified as a Copperhead. No one else can even conceive of putting their head up there. Including me. The N.P & W. people have given me the free loan of a snake trap. No-one has caught anything in it yet. It’s like a rather large pizza box with velcro on it, and a little trapdoor and a maze. They gave me some mouse poo, too, to encourage the snake to get into the trap. The trap and the mouse poo are still in the back of the ute and here’s why.
The man explained to me that I’ll have to get up there and put the mouse poo around to attract Raymond (as he was named) then set up the trap. I kind of got ‘that look’ on my face when he said I had to get up into the roof to set it up. And ‘that look’ stayed there the whole time he was telling me that I would need to check it every day, and if and when I caught said snake, then I would take the box out of the roof space (this would be down the manhole whilst balancing on a ladder…..and not dropping the box and letting the snake out?) and I could take the snake a good distance away and release it. I took the box. It’s much heavier than a pizza box – and as I hug the box to my chest I’m thinking ‘There is no way on God’s earth or anyone else’s earth that I am going to be hugging a snake filled box to my bosom for even one second let alone manouvre it out through the same manhole I am in, while standing on the top of a ladder! Nor do I want to drop the box and snake onto one or more of my children as I pass it down to them. I know I’ve said some pretty nasty things about the Ferals at times, but I’m not that bad a mother.
So the snake trap is still in the back of the ute. No way I’m bringing mouse poo into the house in case Raymond decides to drop in. It’s not true that Everyone Loves Raymond.
Paranoia was taken to a new very high level this last week, let me tell you! I have been wearing my work boots around the house and not going close to any furniture which has a space underneath it. I didn’t open any cupboards till yesterday and made the boy child stand nearby for backup. Or so he could be run over by his mother running and screaming as she left the room. The house was untidy enough but I’m not game to put clothes away atm – cos no way am I sticking my hand into a dark cupboard each day before breakfast. I had started to settle but on Wednesday night I woke up 3 times to what sounded like crashing and thudding in the roof. Followed by silence. My daughter thought afterwards it may have been her cat ‘tromping’ around the room after a mouse. Who ever it was it certainly ramped up the fear factor again.
Having not seen or heard the snake (for certain) we can’t tell whether it’s still up there or not. Of course, to be sure we would have to actually see it…………..and no I don’t want to be that certain! But it’s messing with my mind. And my mind was pretty messy to start with.
So, the outcome is that there are no more walks on the trail with JYAKelpie and Knic nac; Mum is trying to work out if we can organise a running track around the house….but is as afraid at home now, as she used to be out on the trail in summer. There will be a slight delay on any further weightloss until I work out another safer form of exercise. But at least I can stick with the subliminal audio’s so I won’t actually put on weight with stress eating. Wonder if they’d make an audio for me to cope with snakes? Hmmmm. SubliminalMP3s.com are the ultimate source of subliminal audio online – they have over 170+ subliminal albums you can try – and best of all they offer 3 FREE subliminal messages albums (worth $44.91) so you can experience it’s power for yourself!here”>
Oh and did I mention that all the men went ‘How did it get up there? That’s unusual,’ whereas all the women said ‘OMG, Oh Dear, Oh No!’

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