Just how cold is it?

Honestly its hard to know how cold it is!


Do you feel cold?   Is the windscreen iced over?    More importantly will it be iced over when its time to turn out into the night and pick up the unlicensed teens?


You’d think ‘oh i’ll just look at the weather forecast’.  Think again!  OMG the temperature range for today and tonight are:


Max: 11C

Min: -5c

Current Temp:  1.4c

Feels like:  -2.7c


And then there’s the weekly forecast where the overnight temps will get progressively warmer, but the daytime temps will not rise as high until next saturday when we’ll have a freezing night with the hottest day in months.  I just dont get this?  Global warming is not a joke, but sometimes when you look at the forecasts it seems like they are!  And there’s no guarantee that they’ll actually bear any resemblance to real life.


So while i love to look at the forecasts i rely on covering the windsreen JIC, and tell the overnight temp by what time the cat comes in at night and how far down the bed it goes.  If its seriously in the minus’s then the cat is down past your knees and it is not coming out to ask for food when you get up to the loo, or when you get up for the day – the cat’s day starts later.  If the cat’s still in bed it ‘Feels like’ Bluddy cold!


When the kelpie was younger i could tell how cold it was outside by looking out the window at him.  If it was just a little chilly he had his coat off and was trying to kill it.  If he was still wearing the coat it was not warm, not just chilly, it was Kelpie Cold.  Nowadays he wears his coat till we take it off him so he’s not as useful as he used to be, but we dont have to buy as many coats for him.


Another phenomena that intrigues me is the concept that i stay inside the house (in bed if the fire went out o/night) because it’s so cold outside, but at some point in the morning (or around midday) I have to go outside because its too cold in the house.  I wonder if google has a webpage somewhere for that?  they could add that to the already interesting but not necessarily useful site.  People who are too cold to do much need to be filled with interesting facts – it keeps their brains warm.


Can you tell how cold it is by the clothes people are wearing?


No, actually you can’t.  Not round here anyway.  In summer teens refuse to wear shorts because they are uncool.  In winter the girls will be wearing midriff tops and short short skirts and there are no goosebumps!


My daughter rides her horse in the late afternoon/evening after school in a Tshirt.  I’ve already mentioned the temperatures around here – even in the middle of the day the wind can be nasty.  We’ve only lived here half her life – but she has acclimatised and i think evolved.  I’m sure if you checked her DNA you’d find that she has a thermal component in her skin.  It’s really the only explanation i can come up with.


I’m out there in a skivvy, long pants, a fleecy vest or jumper, and the ubiquitious ‘Padded Flannelette Jacket’ .  And the icy winds are still getting in, in places.

I love my padded flanny – yes ok, its a bit bogan, a little red-neck even – but its a mighty piece of clothing.


Polar fleece is horrible here, we have many types of burrs and spiky grasses.  Even tracksuit material will pick up some stuff but the polar fleece attracts burrs like nothing else.


You can have an oilskin jacket – but its very heavy wearing.


You can have your puffy jacket – but it wont stand up to the barbs on the fence when you can’t be bothered walking to the gate and just want to squeeze through the fence.  It doesn’t cope with some of the plant life either, and it doesnt wash and dry nearly as fast as the padded flanny.


Its a little like the ute.  There are many ‘Beaut Ute’s’ around here, and then there’s the ‘Ute’.


The beaut Ute is a thing of Beauty.


The Ute is dirty, scratched, usually full of kids clothing, empty packets from food, shoes, fencing materials, and mum’s work bag.  That’s the inside!


The back is full of the usual ute-y stuff (seasonal).


My Ute is not a thing of beauty, I don’t always need a mobile phone to find the kids in town though.


Its a very small town and the Ute is very noisy so they can usually find me!


Last night when i was at the drive-thru waiting for the teens to finish work inside I was pulled up 3 cars back from the ordering microphone (they ask me to turn my car off when I make an order as they cant hear me even when I shout, but if I turn the car off when I’m behind someone else, people push in front, thinking I’m just parked there.).


The Ute in front looked a bit more Beaut than mine, same make but that pretty blue.   Wasn’t quite clean.   Wasn’t really dirty tho (you could still see it had a number plate).


It was a dual cab and the young beaut ute people dont do dual cabs.


Then they got to the pay window and out came the hand attached to a padded flanny.


Yep they’re localyokel’s, rednecks and just a tiny bit bogan.


I think it may be approaching that moment when its warmer outside the house than in………….so i’m off to see what the world’s about today.

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