I’ve got a new hobby!

I love the internet – there’s so much you can do on it for free!  Always a big plus in my book.  And at all hours of the day and night, and you don’t have to look presentable at the same time (no I know there’s a webcam and I know how to disable it!).   So there’s the social media – I do facebook and I’m trying to work up the enthusiasm to twitter as well.   But you can email, you can send photos, you can look things up…and you can blog.  Ahhhh blogging.  The thing is that at 3am in the morning when you can’t sleep I often ponder on things as I lie awake.  Its amazing what comes into your head in the wee hours.  The good thing about blogging is that you don’t need an audience at the time;  in fact, you don’t ever need an audience, you can just go on blog, blog, blogging along to your hearts content.  So that’s all good.  But I’d like to make some money as well as ponder so I am looking at things like adverts on blogs.  And ebooks etc.  That way if people are interested they can have a look at those things, or ignore them.  Its like adverts on tv – unless they get in the way of the program you just don’t care about them unless that’s a priority in your life at the time.  All good so far.

So I’m blogging along about many things because my brain is full of ‘stuff’.  And now comes the new hobby.  I have to keep researching how to get more traffic through the blog.  Hours I spend looking at things to do, and ways to do them.  Wouldn’t take so long but my brain keeps logging off from time to time and I have to go back and reread things so many times.  I hit the jackpot the other day.  Inadvertently, I used the word ‘obscene’ to describe having 100 gigs of internet download – and someone’s net nanny setup blocked my blog.  So they thought it must have been ‘a ripper’ if it was blocked.  Then everyone who saw that comment headed over.  So I’m planning on getting a thesaurus and looking up all the synonyms for ‘obscene’ and getting lots of traffic.  Then comes the new hobby.  Today I posted something about spiders.  The tags are all about – spiders, fear of spiders etc.  But one little sentence that my children used to me about my dispatching spiders and all the adverts on the page are …hunting.  I always look to see what sorts of adverts each post receives.  Really its amazing what search engines come up with – they send spiders (ewww) or bots around looking for what its about and then allocate adverts.  It is fascinating what they come up with.  Sometimes very relavent – I was excited when they put Learn to drive schools on the roadtrip ones.  Maths tutoring on some of the school ones (that was funny in itself) .   You aren’t allowed to click on your own adverts – big no-no;  they will expel you from google adds if you do.  Yeah, fine.  Its other people I want clicking on them anyway.  Then when the adds first came up I saw one of the maths ones and it did look really interesting, and junior teen had just brought her end of year report home and her maths was appalling.  So before I could stop myself I clicked on it, then realised and swore and clicked off it – and then waited to see if I got a slap on the cyberwrist or even cyberexpelled.   Nothing from google adwords Phew!  Trouble is I still want to have a look at that maths site so I’m going to have to find someone else’s computer and wait for that add to turn up again so I can see it.   

I do love seeing what adds I get though.  And this ‘hunting, pigdogs’ etc one is quite odd considering all the content!  But part of me now wants to not only work out how to add words that will make my blog show up in search engines for things like teenagers, country life, motivation;; add in saying what I really want to say, with a bit of a giggle here and there and ‘Oh I know that feeling’ – now I have the overwhelming urge to see if I can write some things that will get allocated adds for extremely uncommon things.  Oh this could be fun!  I do love the internet.

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