It’s Official – I have a Half Smart Phone!

Yay!  Thanks to a Techie Relative (another one not Techie 1 & 2,)  I have something that I can do that slidey finger thing with.


Well, that sounds a bit rude, but you know, it doesn’t have buttons it has a touch screen.


And, and, and.


I don’t actually know what it can do (I will have to go look at what sort it is, find some instructions, and try to work it out.)


Or get my daughter to do it!


I did work out how to turn it on.  How to take the back off it.  And how to put the sim card in upside down, and right side up.


Pretty good for an old bird!


I’ve had some bad experiences with predictive text.  It would never let me say what I wanted to say.


But I’m rather looking forward to sending some odd and quirky things to people.  Funny what seems like fun some days 😀


And I”m hoping that it’s true – I can take selfie’s to bore people with on fb.  Instead of the side of my left ear.


I hope it’s got GPS, because I’ve lost the d@mn one I bought for the car!  Just have the power cord and the window attachment thingy – no gps.  It was ticking me off telling me I’d gone the wrong way, when I was stuck in the wrong lane, but still…………it was a bit of a help.  In an aloof, know it all way.


Oh and the girl teen can put some AWESOME music on it for me.  Some modern stuff.  And some Bon Jovi!


You know what I’d really like to go with it tho?  A power cord.  Just one.  And in a really bright colour so I didn’t lose the b*gger!  And just one, so I didn’t have to buy a car charger (which we don’t have in stock anyway, madam) and a wall charger.


Instead of interchangeable connections to devices (are you listening Aldi?)  I’d like interchangeable ‘Other Ends’  so I could use it in the car, or in a wall!  That would be nice.


Could you get on that right now?  Thanks, darl.


Woohoo!  I shall have to take the Half Smart Phone to the tip with me tomorrow.  Just to see if I can find some coverage.  Lookout Peeps, you could be sick of getting odd messages by the time the tip shuts 😀 😀 😀

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