It’s all over now – My baby boys

Ah yes, I can embarrass them as much as I like – It’s their birthday party and it’s my duty to embarrass them!   It’s hard to work out if I feel glad that they are all grown up now (they’ve thought they were for years!) or if  I should feel sorry.  Is this something that I’ve been waiting forever to happen (yes) or is it too sudden.  Time may fly when you’re having fun, but it also flies when you’re bringing up kids;  which can be fun but is a lot of hard work as well.  18 years OMG!  You get less for murder so I’m told!  It’s funny because some parts of bringing them up seemed to go on forever – like the reflux when they were babies!  And the learning problems in primary school.  Others seem to have telescoped into a bit of a blur.  I don’t recall a lot about when they first came home.  1.6 kilograms and 1.5 kilograms born, home 7 weeks later at 2 kilograms.   I can hardly remember what I felt like BC (before children) or rather BT (before twins) – she (Feral BT) is like a vague memory these days.  18 years later and how different is the world?  I was learning to do assignments on the computer (the boys would say I haven’t progressed that much) had never seen a laptop.  Didn’t have a mobile phone although they were around – and they were still black.  People didn’t email, they phoned, on the landline, and it had a cord in most houses;  you couldn’t cook dinner, wash up or go to the loo with the phone.  Conversations were generally shorter.   Here’s what the newspaper had to say on the day they were born.

Official:  Howard to Challenge Hewson.  Well we all know how that went!

League Preview – skip that.

E Street Axed OMG!

There’s a gang brawl at Homebush.

Then lot’s more politics – must have been a big election year.

‘Ballroom’  floors US – The Australian film Strictly Ballroom continues to dance up a storm at American box offices

A new Magna car cost $22,990 on special and a Pajero Superwagon $34,990

Cyclone lashes surf beaches on the Gold Coast.  Weather in Sydney Some showers (didn’t happen) and 25 degrees.

Sydney’s Games bid up to $30 M

In World News, A young computer addict who hacked into the White House system, the EC and even Tokyo Zoo using a $400 birthday present from his mother, walked free yesterday after a 15 day trial…..He kept his room off limits, even to his mother, who told police their raid presented her with the first chance to clean it in years.   Oh yeah, I know that feeling, it’s scary to go into a teenage boys room!

Movies:  Scent of a Woman; The Crying Game; The Last of the Mohicans;  Passenger 57;  The Bodyguard;  Strictly Ballroom; Unforgiven; Lorenzo’s Oil;  Sister Act.  Okkaaaaaaaay.

My stars on this day?  You will see a wish about to come true.  Its hard to say exactly what the wish will involve but it could well have to do with money or travel (or no money and no travel as it turns out)..

Maroons win first big clash….

Nowadays we only use the cordless landline because we have no mobile access here at home although I’m workiing on that one.  The mobile’s are pink for my daughter, blue for me, and orange for the boys.  They play games and music on theirs.  I’m trying to learn to keep a message list on my phone;  I have a laptop but can fb on my phone so I have learned new tricks boys!  You can take photographs on your phone now too.   Cars cost an awful lot more now.  So does insurance, rego, etc.  Interestingly capsules were in when the boys were born and its only now that any major new child restraint laws have changed.

Workwise – they’ve invented lots more gadgets to use in nursing, and that is the major thing to upgrade.  If you can’t use a computer at all then you are not employable since a lot of the equipment is computerised, and a lot of the data is also computerised.  Speaking of which, when I went back to nursing after about 10 years, practising on the computer you are not allowed to look up anyone you know, as that is an invasion of privacy ;  so I looked up my boys as they had been sent to the hospital I was working in.  They were both there – although they were listed as No: 1 Son; AKA No: 2 son.  The computer thought that because they had the same last name and DOB that they were in fact the same person, although they would have had separate medical records.  This was not the only time we have had problems with computers.  When I tried to join the boys to a Snowsports Association so they could compete the computer would enter one, but if I entered the other one it would delete the first one.  The man at the office tried with the same results.  I had to send in their information by snail mail and they had to outwit the computer (of course, if the computer had added their scores together they may have won more competitions!)  Then there was the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority)  their computer also refused to accept each of them.  A Statutory Declaration had to be made by the 2nd boy to state he was him and not his brother before the 2nd learners permit could be issued!   Then there was getting their passports when they were almost 2 years old.  We had to have a GP sign it – she was quite upset – what if they ask me which one is which?  (Well ones, got a red shirt on and the other a green one!)  Honestly!  Ask them to prove you are wrong!! Its not like they will know the difference at border security!

Speaking of learners Permits it now 120 hours of driving practise per person – that learner driver person not gibbering wreck of a mother supervisor driver person.  240 hours for her poor git!  So neither have their licence yet – and I’m still trying to find a padded room with a wet bar before I do the rest of the hours.

OMG it was a full moon in Virgo on March 19 2011.  That accounts for some of the behaviour that night.

This years paper March 19

Footy Cards (how they do go on!)

Angry txts from politicians!  And woohoo they boys can vote now…that’ll be fun guys.

Secret cuts to schools (umm not a secret anymore)

The Telegraph has a sign on the front page – Still only $1.60 (its 60 cents on the one 18 yrs old)

US joins race to save Japan’s Nuclear Reactors and Gaddafi calls off raids on rebels.    They have certainly gone ahead in leaps and bounds in making more effficient ways of killing people.  Even their own people.  Seems like the planet is striking back sometimes atm.

And now they are 18 years old.  Happy Birthday guys.  Its hard to believe (especially some days)  But now they are taller than me (at last, but I’m still meaner than them) and gruffer.   Of course I am so old fashioned and unaware of the world at large, they will have a lot to teach me in the next few years (hehehe – I do recall having a life BT actually.)

Ah well two down and one to go!  Woohoo.  Who will I be when all this parenting stuff is done?

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