IT People – Techy Teens Teach Mum the net

I’m not very techy………..hardly techy at all.  I have two techy teenagers tho.


People look at me funny sometimes……..fairly often really……especially when they tell me some technical stuff to do with the computer and I say ‘I’ll have to get my Technical Staff onto that for me (but I’m not talking to them atm so it could be a while).’


Do they not ‘get’ it that we have children for a reason?  I don’t need to learn all this techy stuff yet – not till they are ready to move out.


Its funny these days.  Not so long ago we were all at loggerheads.


You know how stupid, old and know-nothing a mother can be?


No idea about real life IYKWIM?


Its not like I’ve ever been young, unsure, superconfident on the outside and shaking like a leaf on the inside…………..It”s not even like I ever had a life!


When you’re a parent you discover that you have no history – you were obviously this boring all your life.  There was no BC (before children) in your kids minds.  You were born nagging people, you always spent your time driving people too and fro, and waiting around;  or checking homework, or shopping for food, or other people’s clothing, or googling education, toilet training.


My only saving grace is that whilst I may never have had a life or know anything I do have access to brochures put out by the health dept and will sometimes come home with a brochure on the newest STI (sexually transmitted infections)  hehehe evil mummy might know nothing but she can throw an embarrassing brochure to you from time to time.


Anyways, back to the IT and reality.


Having been to a seminar ‘Think and Grow Rich Internet’ I came home with some books about various ventures and said to the boys ‘So lets make some money!’.  Presently we are researching our little brains out on the net.  That’s great since they have to share some of this stuff with me.

But the real fun is that this ‘bonding’ over the net is fun.

Not the actual net stuff, just what happens in our house.

It’s the stuff stand up comedy is made of.


After years and years of explaining things to the boys and having them ignore me, not understand, not want to make the effort………Its all coming back to bite them on the @rse!


‘Listen Mum, I’m trying to explain something here.  Just listen till I’m finished ok?’

‘Ok, but it won’t make any difference because I don’t understand the first bit you said!’

‘That’s not how it works Mum’  and my favourite ‘Well if you’re not going to listen, then I’m not going to keep trying.’


I also like the bit where they help me move my blog to another spot that will be more useful later on………………but where’s my pretty picture gone?  ;(    Huge sigh before he tries to get me to understand that sometimes you have to sacrifice the pretty picture for the greater good?


No, I want my pretty picture back!


Frequently they get so fed up with me they have to leave the room.


It’s all so much more fun than being the Mum I tell you!


No: 2 son tells me he isn’t an expert at anything and therefore can think of nothing to write an ebook about………….erm, how about how to teach your mother to use the net to start a business?


That would crack up many a teen, and be useful as a Family Therapy strategy as well.


Instead of hiding out in their rooms alone, they are finding me and trying to bring me up to speed on some things I need to know.


Followed by  one who is pulling his hair out trying to explain it all to me (drawing pictures even) and the other goes ‘O…………M…………..G!

She’s never going to get this.’

And then he takes a turn.


See communication is not dead in the family.  Its not even underground.  Motivate with money (me too), then bond people together with a common goal – Make Mum Net Savvy.


Could be a long trip but at least I know where they are;  what they are doing;  and they are learning some important skills for work – how to deal with the dipstick public who act just like dear old Mum.


I’ve just informed No: 2 son that he has to teach me to do some of the techy stuff before he moves out.


If you’re thinking like I did about how their care factor will probably go way past zero if they move out………….I was worried about not being able to pump water etc when I’m old, and know that not only are you not No: 1 on their list, but when they have a girlfriend/wife you are probably going to drop lower even.


Then a wise friend told me how it works  –  if they are too busy to help you out because they have a life of their own you just say ‘Well that’s ok,  if you don’t have time to help me I’ll just have to come live WITH you.’

I am reliably informed that even if said child doesn’t react the girlfriend/wife will have them there helping you in the the tic of a clock!  Not that clocks tic anymore of course, but i don’t know what the digital equivalent is yet.


People say that computers and the internet are making people more solitary and not teaching them any useful relatiionship skills.  I look on it as just another tool to torture…………errr i mean teach my children about life!

I’m pretty sure they would say that teaching me is really torture, but thats from their pov.


I’m putting a link below to an internet book since I only found out about these types of things thru a friend telling me about them.  You don’t have to click on it, but if you’re interested here it is http://www.tgrinternet.com.au/76377


If nothing else it’s like brain training – Alzhiemers won’t have a chance with me!


Now i need to know how to publish the changes!  D@mn it, need to get those kids up soon.

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