Isn’t travelling on public transport an experience?

An adventure even?


Recently we went interstate for a business seminar.  If you’ve been reading on Treechanges in the CountryLife section you’ll know that we live very rural.  They refer to us on maps not as towns but as ‘Localities.’  Because there is people in them there hills, but what you’ll see most of is gates.  And in winter, smoke rising in the distance.  That’s how I knew where our neighbours lived the first winter we lived here – sitting on the deck and seeing wisps of smoke rising from the valleys…….ooooh look, there’s another neighbour!


Back to transport.  To get interstate cheaply (not a lot of money floating around for that sort of thing here) we drove to the nearest city.  Left out car at a friends place and  caught a taxi to the next town, to the bus station.  The bus to the next city, and a plane to the next state.  So far, so good?


Two bus’s later, we were there.  Really it was quite a good trip – considering it started at 3am and finished at about 2.15 pm.


4 days later, reverse the trip.  Two bus’s to the plane;  the plane to the bus;  the bus to the O…M….G!  A three and a half hour bus trip.  The end of another long day.  Luckily I still had a full battery on my mp3 player.


As you commence your trip they play a little recording.  Blah, blah, blah, It is against the law to smoke on the bus.  It is not allowed to smoke in the toilet (well, they call it a restroom, but it’s not my idea of a rest) – there is a smoke detector fitted to the restroom.  If you continue to smoke you may be asked to leave the bus. Blah, blah, blah.


I have another addition to that recording.  Please, do not hawk mucous on the bus.  If you do you absolutely will be asked to leave the bus.  If you do not stop hawking mucous we will not be held responsible for what the other passengers do to you!  Stop it now!  It’s disgusting!


No, there was not any gobbies going flying (TG).  But really, that constant – every 5 minutes, hawking in of mucous.  It’s like torture.  It grates on your nerves.  You just about get over the last one and he does it again!


I did have my earphones in and meditation tapes playing superloud, but I could still hear it thru them!  And then, my music stopped!


Yes, with nearly an hour still to go – nothing!  I thought at first the mp3 player had started one of the silent subliminal mp3’s.  So I madly pulled it out and went to find the noisiest Harmoney mp3 I had on it…………………but the battery was dead – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Longest 45 mins I’ve had in a while I can tell you!


Now I spent quite a bit of time trying to work on my attitude (well, I did while the meditations were playing.)  I tried to remember that it must be a habit he couldn’t help.  Something that was at that point in time, beyond his control.    But as soon as the music stopped, even though I still had the earplugs in, I knew.  I knew that that man needed help.  He needed to find someone to help him stop.  He needed to search out as many someone’s as he had to, to find the person who could stop that Bluddy Awful sound!  It must drive him mad living with himself, surely?





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