Is it morning yet?

‘Is it morning yet?’  is a Parent of Teenagers variation on the old Toddler’s Question ‘Are we there yet?’


Sometimes the parents of teenagers will be calling out ‘Are you out of bed yet?  It’s morning!’


If you live in town (or city, I guess) there would also be ‘What time of the morning do you call this!’  Which would involve looking at your watch (or possibly holding up your iphone if you use it as a clock as so many of us do these days.  Problem with that scenario is the options they have for excuses:  I coudn’t see the time, my battery was dead;  ditto, couldn’t phone you because battery was dead;  or if the teenager has no sense of self preservation – I call it time to come home because I”ve run out of money, and all my friends were going home.


I don’t have that problem as there is no way in or out of this place except the school bus or the family car.


It has it’s upsides, definately!


Here’s the downside tho:  the school drama excursion.


The one day trip to not nearest capital city (that would be Canberra) but to the next one – Sydney.  It’s about 4 hours, give or take traffic, roo’s, breakdowns, and not counting food and loo stops at Macca’s on the way.


The school excursion starts as the bus pulls away from the school at 5am.  OMG!  What is this?  Child abuse?  Parent Abuse?  Whole Family Torture?

All of the above, really.


I’m not a morning person.  My teenager is what you might call a mid afternoon person.  It’s not pretty in our house at 4am.


The rooster was crowing at 4.40am when I started the car up to thaw the windscreen, in case it was frozen.

It wasn’t.  It was dark.  It was freezing.  It was very foggy.


Mild fog


(I just have to say here – this photo is in no way representative of thick fog in the dark and cold.  But I have not had enough coffee to make me want to go look for a million sd cards storing our photos, in the teenager’s room, after a 4am start.  Not nearly enough coffee!)


There was a paddock dummy spit when teen nearly put mum’s new blanket onto the floor of the ute (no, it’s definately not clean.)   Mum yells, daughter yells back, Mum uses one of those Mumism’s.  I don’t recall which one – probably something along the lines of ‘Don’t you take that tone with me!’  or something similar.


Then we start.  No roo’s on the way to the front gate.  This could be good.  Once roo’s start moving to the next feeding ground/water, you know you’re sunk as there’s thousands and they all move around the same time.


200 metres down the road, a large wombat.  And in the mists there was a lot of movement. D@mn!


Very slow progress to Crooked Rise, where even tho going slow a large roo ran straight into the side of the ute.  Couldn’t find it in the dark, so it must have still been mobile.  The car is probably a little dented, but the ute can stand a bit more than that little AWD car that we have.


14 mins to bus leaving.


Hundreds more roo misses.


Daughter starts phoning and txt’ing friends on excursion when we go over the single lane bridge and get some mobile phone coverage.  Funnily enough none of her friends are answering their phones – they’re also mid afternoon peeps, I’d say.


We drive as fast as safe thru the outskirts of town.  I see the lights of the bus glowing in the dark as we turn into the school road.


TG it’s still here!  At worst, I can chase the d@mn thing up the road blasting my horn.


I pull up and girl child jumps out, calling out – Bye!  and Watch out for roo’s on the way home.  And Love you.


I grumble – Bye.  And No, I won’t!  And After coffee I’ll probably feel the love.


Pretty Awesome that we got there 1.5 minutes before the bus was meant to leave!  I’m impressed!


Was just imagining the teachers face if we were  late!   Again!

I didn’t see the teachers.  They were staying warm in the bus, and I was staying out of sight in the car, in my PJ’s and work boots.


How amazing tho!  1.5 mins before the bus is meant to pull away from the curb.


Sitting there half away, feeling proud to have made it, even if we were last.


Last, 2nd last, 3rd last, 4th last, 5th last, 6th last, 7th last to arrive!  Cars were pulling in at a rate of knots!  As I pulled away to begin the trek back home to bed I felt prouder that we hadn’t been last to arrive!  Doesn’t take much to make me proud early in the morning.


And as I turned into our road, turned up the lights onto high beam and hunched over the steering wheel, the better to spot roo’s on the road verges, I thought about roo’s.


They really are amazing things.  I wish you could see them, how they move.  Silently, with such grace and power.  But always protecting their young.  And I think – How well engineered are they!  Awesome animals.


And then you think, even with so many who don’t make it;  there are so many like this morning, who are hit (or who hit your car) and then they just keep on going!  Made me wonder if they ever run into trees, bounce off and jump on.  I’ve seen mothers teaching their youngsters to jump fences.  The young one  tries and falls, tries and falls, tries and falls, so many times.  Then just makes it!  And off they go.


On road and off road animals.


Pleased to say that I won’t be doing a return trip in the evening today to pick up said Teen.  She is thankfully staying overnight at a friend’s place in town.


Oh and for those who said they wouldn’t be signing an excursion note for Drama class (especially one at that time)  because their kids had no need of drama lessons!


Look at it this way………….nice to sign your kids up to a class where they can’t help but succeed!   Even if mine weren’t drama queens in their own right, they would have had my example to learn from!


I’m banned from seeing the Drama teacher at parent teacher night………….Teenager says this teacher likes her, and she’s pretty sure she won’t like her after Mum goes on about having to find shoes 2 days before Opening Night, and the 5 am excursion!  😀



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