I'm on a bit of a roll with the red vege's and fruit

So what makes beetroot red?  Because its very red.  Especially when you’re wearing white.  I love beetroot too.  I’ve always eaten cooked beetroot, sliced, or baby beets which are the best.  And beetroot is so easy to peel – cooked or raw.  So what is in it?  No it’s not  the anthrocyanin of red cabbage and rhubarb.  It is betalain.  Wikipedia has some awesome information on beetroots.  It can turn your urine pink!  They also have laxative effects but beetroot juice has been considered an aphrodisiac.  Should be good for you circulation and digestion, but can cause kidney stones. 

Beetroot contains sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iodine, iron, copper, Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and C.

 They say beetroot is easy to grow – mine were overpowered by a massive pumpkin plant so will need to make sure they aren’t ‘campanion plants’ next year.  I’m wondering if I could maybe put some large containers on the deck tho and cover them for frosts?  I could hang out at demolition sites and take free possession of old bathtubs and line my deck with them – I might even get on Better Homes and Gardens as a mad old woman who grows beetroot!  Cool!   You can’t make wine out of it though, unlike good old rhubarb!!

Although I do like cooked beetroot, and being an aussie I do have to have beetroot on my hamburgers, and in my salads.  I also put some half  baby beets into potato salad – so you get pink potato salad.  You can eat small leaves of the beetroot plants in salads (unlike the rhubarb leaves they are not highly poisonous.)  But I’ve tried grated beetroot raw, with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a touch of garlic.   It makes a good addition to a green salad.  But on its own, I add some grated carrot, some walnuts, and then a little lettuce if there are some small leaved varieties available.  It makes a great lunch – you can prepare it the night before  (bar the lettuce and carrot, add that just before eating)  and it all combines to a great flavour the next day – just don’t spill any on your clothes.  And use the electric grater unless you want pink hands as it stains.  It rinses off the appliances easily,  not so the white shirts.

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