I'm going on a Platypus Walk

I’m going to see a big one; I’m not scaaaared.  I like the idea.  It’s on in the early evening and not for too long (I like the short bit because it won’t interfere with a glass of vino on the deck time.)  And the bonus is that if you join the Platypus Watch group you get a Kit and a T shirt.  I wonder if they’ll mind that I don’t participate in summer since I know that snakes like to hang out near rivers then?   I’m not sure that people get the fact that although I love animals – snakes and spiders aren’t, so I can’t love them.  I’m not very fond of wasps either.  Going for a platypus walk and talk shoud be lovely though, we have some awesome scenery around here. 



I may want to start something similar for here – A ‘Take a Wombat Home’ affair.  People who live at Wombat Mansions like I do would be interested in that idea I’m sure.  I’ve yet to tell you about our house wombat – I will one day, before the house falls down from his activities I hope.

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