I love school holidays!

Especially since the kids got older  No, really I’ve always loved them.   And here’s why.  I’m not an early morning person – never have been, never will be.  So the drill of having to not only get up and get ready for the day;  but, also to get other unwilling people up and try to get them to get clean, get organised, get lunched and get lost, I mean get on the school bus is like torture to me.  And Lunches – I HATE lunches.  I hate making them.  When the kids were little and went to preschool or day care I used to send left overs, or salads, or just little made up things.  I’d even cook things like mini sausage rolls and pizza swirls and chicken and veg pasties, rather than make sandwiches!  I stopped making pizza swirls in primary school because I’d make about 3 days worth for my kids, but once they took them to school and the other kids liked them, the whole lot would just go to school the first day and then back to square one.  Sandwiches are boring.  I even hate buying things that will go on sandwiches.  My daughter was a peanut butter, nutella lover when she was younger but you can’t send them to most schools.  She didn’t like anything else.  At one stage she took a sandwich with nothing but butter on it for that reason.  Standing making sandwiches is pitiful.  You can do it at the w/e and freeze them but I”ve not conquered the art of wrapping sandwiches so they don’t get freezer burn.  And lettuce just doesn’t unfreeze well. And after all that hassle the rotters often leave the sandwiches sitting on the dining room table.  Or in the bottom of their bags – a terms worth of sandwiches is not a pretty sight.  Some people say they buy an expensive backpack because it lasts so well….I’d hate one that lasted too long!  It does make choosing fillings for sandwiches even more difficult when you take into account that you may see it again in 10 weeks time – or 11 weeks if its a long term.  I make the rotters make their own sandwiches now.  I think they have the Anti sandwich making gene because they don’t do it very often.  My daughter and I will occasionally make a sandwich for ourselves and one for each other.  But not often.  Once when I’d got the ‘Oganised Mummy’ bug going around I made all the sandwiches the night before and put them in the fridge, and then the person who doesn’t like tomato sauce got it, and the other one bbq sauce.  The mayo kid got no mayo, and you know who did get it.  So the next night I marked them all with a felt tipped pen (took me longer to find a felt tipped pen than to make the sambo’s)  and then the next morning they are standing there going?  So who is ‘M’?  or ‘E” if you turn the sandwich side ways (they didn’t have it upside down or obviously they would have been asking Who the heck is W?)  Mum, M is for Mum.  You feel like you’re back in first grade and doing words and reading again!  So I don’t do sandwiches because I’m a nicer person if I don’t and I’m not ever really nice Before Coffee even on a good morning.

I love the school holidays because this time I’m going to do some farm work.  I still have to fit the boys work pattern into my day but at least not mine as well.  We can get up in the morning and if it’s nasty ring around to see what my daughters friends are doing.  If it’s a lovely day we can do some outside stuff.  Or if you sleep in you can just get up whenever.  In the younger days you had to try and organise some fun stuff into the days.  But then my kids loved running, bike-riding, walking, going to parks, going to the pool, going to the zoo, anything really.  In summer when I was studying I would get up – do some stuff around the house, a bit of gardening since the kids like getting dirty.  Then they’d watch some tv or play inside while I did assignments on the computer.  As it got to that unbearably hot time of day about 4-5 pm we’d head to the pool.  With fruit, biscuits, drink bottles, and assorted kid snacks.  I’d sit on the side of the pool with toddler in the water (the pool had a shade over the toddler pool) and the boys would go from the big pools back to us again.  We would just stay there until the pool shut.  They’d be tired but happy and cool.  Worked fabulously.  We used to have a friend who would give us year passes to the Sydney Zoo.  That was great.  It even covered the parking fee.  So it was a trek to get there in the car.  It took a whole day the way we did it.  Head out around 9am.  Take a sandwich, a refillable drink bottle, container of cut up oranges, a packet of biscuits and one unhealthy thing.  Arrive at the zoo – enter without paying or standing in line (the best part!)  Then straight to the toilet.  Get a map.  Sit down and eat  sandwich and drink half of water.  That lightened mum’s backpack load.  Then we would head downhill in a zigzag pattern looking at everything we could, without ever walking back uphill even 5 steps.  When we got to the bottom, we would get a ferry over to Circular Quay and back – just for the view and the breeze.  Then back to the zoo.  Fold up the stroller and take the Sky Walk back to the top of the Zoo looking at every animal from the top.  I hate heights so I just look woodenly out the front window.  Buy one thing in the Zoo shop – eraser, gel hand etc.  Go home.  Huge day, very exciting and all downhill!  Until the sky walk needed maintenance.  We only went once after that – that Zoo hill is murder!

If you want to see some recipes for pizza swirls then head over to CountryLife – all the blogs talking about food have recipes in them.  Pizza swirls are there – you may have to have a read and a laugh to find them, but life’s better if you have a chuckle on the way.  I’m going to have to add the mini sausage rolls and chicken and vege pasties too now I guess.

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