How are your tomatoes going? Just swell, really swell.

Really I had this photo read to show you about how well my punkins are going atm…..


The Big Picture

And from a slightly different view………………………….

My Perspective

There are pumpkins galore!  There is a very charming and prolific Zuchinni.  There are a few leaves of silverbeet but they are a sad and pale sight under all that pumpkin plant.  There’s also some potatoes, altho a few of them also went the way of the silverbeet.  Here’s a couple of the potatoes that we have harvested;  we’re waiting a little longer for them to grow now so that we can have a big potato night here on the Monaro.  Maybe even a bonfire with fire roasted taters!  That would be cool!

Our Potatoes




When you think that this garden is just a first try of a No Dig Garden.  Nothing planned, nothing organised.  Just cardboard boxes over the grass;  hay and compost over that.  And throw in the seeds!  Really it’s a miracle anything came up!


We had some very hot weather when things didn’t look too good for a while.  And now…………….

well, now it’s flooding rains!  And that’s where the tomato plants come in!  The tomatoes grew tall and green.  Then they had lots of flowers, some extremely hot weather.  And then finally some green marbles um, I mean green tomatoes!  We’ve had such a cold summer that there hasn’t been much time for the tomatoes to fruit, let alone get colour.  We removed the side hay bales to improve the amount of sunshine the plants could get.  But we have a problem with holding the plants up so the fruit is able to get enough sun.  And to keep the punkin plants off them!  Back, back I say!

I did start to get a few cherry tomatoes.  Sun warmed and lovely.  Only a few, but there’s many more to come.  Then the rains started.  Not to be deterred, I snuck out thru the long wet grass with my lunchbox in one hand and the car keys in the other……………only to find that the flippin tomatoes had split!  Too much water all at once.  B*gger I say!

We’ve had rain and floods for nearly a week now.  I’m hoping that there is something unsplit left when this is all over!  I had been thinking that I’d need a lot of recipe’s for:  Green Tomato…………Whatever.  Relish, Jam, Pickles.  You name it, I thought I’d have enough green tomatoes to do it.  Now I’m wondering how many Split Tomato Recipe’s there are around.

Ahh, well.  Plenty of Potatoes and Pumpkins coming yet.  And we are planning the next garden already.  Really should have had that one sorted too, but there’s nothing like a little Spontaneous No Dig Gardening in my opinion.



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