Green fingers

Some days are just too funny.


Yesterday was pretty sad for one reason, but also delightfully, embarrassingly, funny.


Around 2 am son arrived home with about 15 orphaned tomato plants, all about 2 1/2 feet high – the car was a sea of leafy greens waving around his head. There were capsicum and cucumbers on the floor – but you can imagine how it looked with him driving in the wee small hours, amidst a sea of green foliage…..

When I saw the car I burst out laughing, and he said he thoroughly expected to be pulled over by the cops and asked to – Step out of the car, please Son!

He arrived home without incident. We transferred the plants into the living room as it was quite a cold night, and tomatoes just don’t do cold.


Yes, there they are – a veritable garden of green in my living room
Of course, today happened to be a day that I had someone coming to assess me as a responsible person, of upstanding character…and honestly!


It’s tomatoes, it’s not a cash crop! If it was, don’t you think I’d have organised some heating for them?


Really, you don’t know whether to ignore them and pray that they think that they must be legal greenery, or make an idiot of yourself repeatedly saying they’re really just tomatoes.


I took both lines, and confessed to multiple vegetation of a legal nature inhabiting my living room, before they even set foot inside the house gate, and then proceeded to ignore said foliage, as if it didn’t exist.


I may have felt worse if the vacuum hadn’t died half way through the clean up – so that the rug had more fur on it than the cat did. And I was caught mid-mop of the floor, and hadn’t even started on the dining room table!


Still, step over the broom, around the garbage bin, and settle on the big lounge there, because I’ve managed to shake the crumbs out of the lounge covers.


Oh crap! The d@mn cat managed to vomit some biscuits on the antique sideboard in the entryway just before they came in!


If we’re really talking about impressing people, I should really mention the 11 billionty ants at the front gate as you arrive and leave….I really do know how to impress people!


I should be very glad that todays assessment was not for How Tidy Is Your House?WIN_20170307_16_05_55_Pro

Save that for another day, when the cat brings in a mouse or rabbit to play with :/


Yes, you!



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