Facebook! Really (roll eyes)

Ah you have to laugh don’t you?

And cringe sometimes.

I love facebook – it’s great IMO.


The only reason I have one is because one of my neices wanted to share some photos with me and they were on her facebook so she made me one.   It was great fun.  Especially the bit where she made my year of birth 1924 the little brat!


I keep up with friends, family, and even foe’s.  You can set it for some or any to see.  Most of my best friends are on there.


The lovely thing about it is that you can keep up with people and their families without having to visit or use the phone.

Antisocial?  No.

I still visit people – when I have time.

I still ring people, when I have time.  And when they have time.

And that’s the thing I love best.  I can log on while I eat breakfast (no one in my house is fit to talk to at that time – even supposing they are up).

And I can see who was up later than me, and how their day was.

And with those Poor WA people – so far behind in time – they are posting what they are planning to have for dinner at 3 am – or so it seems 🙂


I can have a laugh, I can feel sad, I can see how everyone’s kids went in their achievements.

When I’ve had a lousy day I get lots of cyber sympathy.  And cyber hugs.

And the best thing is I don’t have to get showered and dressed before I can socialise.


What about the kids?  Yes the internet can be a dangerous place.  As can your mobile phone use.  As can walking down the street.


I feel safer with my daughter being on facebook than I did with her going on her first plane trip at age 6, accompanied by her 10 yo brothers and a male hostie.


It is dangerous to drive around in a car – especially when your brothers are learning to drive!

Its dangerous to walk around the paddock in summer to catch your horse.  Its actually quite dangerous to ride a horse – or it can  be.

I think it’s all about perspective!


One of my daughter’s friend said ‘YOU have FACEBOOK?’

Yep, I do.


Her mother doesn’t like facebook and doesn’t have one, she doesn’t really like her daughter having one but lets her.

I can’t imagine letting my daughter on fb if I didn’t know what it was about, how to work it, and so on.

I’d be more worried if I had no idea about  it.


I have access to my daughter’s fb – I know the password.  If she changed it she’d have to give me the new one or give me the computer.

She doesn’t like me having a little look through at times, but I do.

I don’t go through it looking for her whinging about her mother lol – or her brothers!

That’s allowed and normal.  I like to see who she’s got on her fb and what sort of things they are talking about.  The details are not of any interest to me.


It is very very interesting though how avid the ‘non fb’ers’ are when they get access to one.

And how little idea they have about keeping certain information to yourself.

With the amount of computer work and internet use that high school kids have its only sensible to teach them some realities of use rather than banning it.  And it’s an excellent tool for getting their room clean – give me the computer till your room is clean.

Ah yes, the sweet sound of success.


Is social networking really causing our children to have less social skills?  Not in my house.

Have you seen how much they talk about fb together?  Its hilarious.  Its a little like them spending all day at school and then coming home and having to phone each other.


I think some kids do have problems socialising in person, but they might find that using the net actually helps them learn some social skills without the stress of being there in person.

Yes, there is bullying on the net – its still there in the playground as well though, and no less hurtful in person.

Yes, the internet does get remarks and photos around super fast…………….however if you’ve ever lived in a small town you’ll know that before there was the internet there was……………………The neighbours!


When we first came to live in a small town I informed the children that they should behave themselves as I would be sure to hear about it if they didn’t……………and possibly before they got home, so to have their story straight when they came in the front gate!

They found it was true.

Nothing travels faster than the news of your children doing something they shouldn’t have – not even light!


Of course, even when several hundred kilometres away I heard about something in the planning…………….so I rang them up!

So, how did you hear bout that mum?


Well of course I didn’t reveal my source, but it was via the net that I found out, and via the net that someone else let me know jic I had missed it?


You don’t have to be psychic to be a good parent these days, or even anatomically incorrect like my mother (eyes in the back of her head).  These days you just need a computer and a little bit of internet savvy.

Network with other parents and get all the tips you’ll need.

I love technology now.


Back to me and my fb.

Yes, I have one.

No, I don’t think I’m odd for enjoying it.


I don’t have the time to visit and phone friends and family, they don’t have time to do that often either – and rarely at the same time.  But on fb we can keep in touch.

If I didn’t have fb I would feel like a lot of my friends and family had disappeared for years during childrearing.


I live hundreds of kilometres away from some, and states away from others.  Even down the road.


I’m walking the dog, washing clothes, supervising horseriding, working – I just don’t have time to ‘pop in for a cuppa’  but so lovely to drop onto the lounge with a cuppa and see what you’ve all been up to.  It is awesome.


So yes, I do have a fb – and don’t roll your eyes at me!

I’m not trying to be ‘a teenager’.

I’m just enjoying the technology that is around and so useful.


How is it some people ‘get old’ inside  their  head long before they ‘get old’ in the face?


I love change.


Kids find teaching me things can be a chore, but life wasn’t meant to be easy!


Facebook today – what’s next?  🙂

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