Does your teenager say ‘My mum is AWE-some on their facebook page?’

They should!  You deserve it!


Because No: 1 son’s netbook has died he keeps borrowing mine.  Sometimes my old lappy will work for a few hours and he gets time to himself on it, and others he has to steal my lappy for a while and then return it of course when I start swearing or crying.


Begging has no effect on him!


He keeps leaving his facebook open.  Of course, in the time honoured tradition of people who find an open facebook I write ‘My mum is Awesome”  or ‘So Awesome’  or ‘Still Awesome’.


Its kidspeak for ‘My mum found my fb open don’t say anything incriminating!’


There are times, of course, when I have found a computer open and had a little lurk, just to see what’s what on the teen front.


I don’t want to be on their fb – I can’t have a really good whinge to my friends about them if they are there.  And I seriously don’t want or need to know every single thing they and their friends are talking about.


I do reserve the right to get into their fb’s by ‘other means’ tho when I suspect anything interesting might be going on.

I’m not going to say how – since that would mean that option would be closed to me then.   It was a bit scary the first time I did that and one of their friends started chat with me………..no…………..I’m not here, you can’t see me (omg is there  webcam on this computer – no TG!


Updated to add:  I could get in through another persons facebook, which worked for me, and they had no idea.  Keep your kids fb close….and your sneaky ways of getting on there, even closer.  The teen girl was the ‘other person’  so I just have to ask her to give me the password, since she knows my sneaky ways 🙂


I find it interesting all the people who put netnannies on their older children.  Checking their histories etc.


Frankly mine are so techy I have no hope of outwitting them.  In fact, No: 2 son has started whinging about me being nice to him everytime I can’t get my computer to work.  So!


On occasions when I seriously need to stop one boy getting onto the net thru the wi fi I have to get one boy to block the other.  I can’t do it.


Unfortunately he has to block me too!  I don’t enjoy that.


My techie friend commiserates with me, but he tells me he could tell the boys how to set up blocking themselves but there’s no way in this life that I’m going to be able to do it from  him explaining over the phone.


I’m not stupid you know – just net illiterate.


The school stated in a newsletter once that certain kids had been escaping on the computers thru a loophole.

First thing I said to mine when they got home was ‘Did you do that?’    The answer?  ‘No, mum (Doh) we did it ages ago just some of the younger ones got caught’.   Oh, well that’s alright then…I think?


Its been going on for a while.  One of my nieces used to have a little chat to me on the library computers at school if she saw me on msn.   It appears that a lot of the teachers in this life are not up to blocking the kids (or re-blocking them?) either these days.


What is the world coming to…………..facebook of course!


I would just like to finish by confessing that I appear to have unwittingly been scoring brownie points with my son’s girlfriend.  Apparently she thinks HE says “My mum is Awesome’  and she thinks ‘that is so sweet’


OMG – someone needs to bring that girl up to speed!  The boy is obviously not going to spoil his advantage……………I’m going to have to come up with something better soon.


Any ideas welcome.


The more embarrassing to him and not me, the better.

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