Dear Sir,

Daughter was late for school this morning.  Thought we’d get up a bit early, pick the cr@p out of the Impossible Spot’s hoof, wash it with calendula;  then syringe the hole cut into the hoof to allow the abscess he has, to drain, with hydrogen peroxide;  then make a boot out of a tyre inner tube and tape it on.


Yeah right!  No.


He was not impressed with the fiddling and fidaddling around.  And just because its’ been raining all night and he’s made the yard a mud and horse poo stew doesn’t mean he’s impressed with it all.


We gave up on the inner tube boot altho it sounded good when the vet suggested it as an alternative to a $130 boot.  Funnily enough I haven’t asked the vet how much he is going to charge us.  And thankfully, he hasn’t asked how long it’s going to take us to pay him off.


So wet, muddy, stinky and myself ….no it’s true we were all wet, muddy and stinky, came back to the house and showered and dressed and then took daughter to school….late.




I asked her on the way in if she’d need a note and she said ‘Yes, probably.’  So I said, ‘Shall I say you are late because your horse has a smelly foot and your brother was smelly too?’


No, mum!


‘Shall I say that you are late because your horse was an ass today?’


No, mum.  I’ll write the note, you can just sign it.


She does have a sense of humour….it’s just that we don’t think the school has one, not even one to share.


Horse with nappy around back hoof


This evening, we approached the nag yet again.  With a syringe of antibiotics.  With some homeopathy on bread (I know, I know, an empty mouth and all, but Spot is a foodie;)  a syringe full of hydrogen peroxide, a nappy (crawler size – he’s got big hooves,) and some electrical tape.


Teenager gave the antibiotics (I forgot to drawback on the needle mum.)  That’s ok, it’s done now and he’s still standing.

Would he die straight away then, if I hit a blood vessel?  Probably.


There was a great deal of hopping around by us and Spot.  But we got things cleaned, and muddied, and cleaned, and we got him to stand on the nappy;  while he was eating.  But not quite straight, d@mn him.  But we taped it up anyway.  And stood admiring it.


And then went to take some photo’s for you……….and then the Impossible Spot realised there was ‘omg there’s something on my foot.’


Talk about laugh!  It was hard to take a photo then because he was pretty much doing the visuals for KC and the Sunshine Band.  If you’re as old as me you’ll know the song.  ‘Shake your Booty.’  That’s Booty as in foot or hoof, not Bootie as in @rse, of which he has a large one anyway.

Shake, shake shake.  Shake, shake, shake.



The nappy on the back foot - booty


And he still was when we left.  I loved that song, and now it’s going around and around in my head.


Wonder if the nappy will still be on in the morning?  Wonder if we’ll ever manage to get another one on, in it’s place?


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