But is it legal? Teenagers

Thsi subject came up recently.   Having fun and being a bit of a …….dork, having fun doing slightly silly things, enjoying yourselves, without alcohol, drugs, sex, and rock and roll.  (Because we all know rock n roll is ooooooold)


Lots of adults, parents and non parents alike, complain about kids/teens not being able to have fun without the aforementioned illegal/unsafe activities.  I’ve heard it mentioned by some teens that some of their generation doesn’t know how to have fun without getting totally wasted on alcohol.  Hmmm, there are probably quite a few generations before them imo who had the same problem,and still do!


But why is this?  Do you wonder why?  How often do you see teens having fun, being silly, laughing, squawking, and just really being dorks?  In a group, with no alcohol;  no overly dangerous behaviour, no substances ……….well maybe sugar and chocolate overload with some soft drinks involved?  And how often will you see the adults going past, rolling their eyes?  Huffing and puffing?  I mean to say, In myyyyy day, we were never silly like that!  Hah!  One of my friends used to say that.  When I said, remember when we used to……….No, I don’t remember that!  I told her the truth – she was either lying or had significant memory loss.  We were idiots when we were teens!


Goodness knows there are some shockers out there – teenage shockers I mean.  But yes, if you looked at all the crime, the assaults, the affray, the domestic violence,  the accidents, the drink driving, the speeding……………there’s  a heck of a lot of older people doing it too.


I’ve been thinking about it lately.  Someone, from another country entirely, was mentioning things that had happened locally, where the youth had been moved on from an area every time they congregated.  There were no problems that they were causing.  But they were moved on and made to feel that being there was the issue.  Since then, there has been an after hours robbery there.  The police are calling for witnesses.  Do you suppose the robbery would have occurred if there was a gathering of local young people there to see?  to notice?  or would they have been like a german shepherd in someone’s yard…………a deterrent?


So it’s pretty consistent around the world that young people are a problem.  Can be……………don’t give them a chance!


If the media (and folks talking amongst themselves) are going to continue to say ‘Teenagers…………’  When they are discussing one person of teenage years, or one event involving some people of teenage years…………..then I’d like to see the headlines and discussions reflect:

Old Fogey’s……………when referring to a person of advanced age (who obviously is representative of all people that age)…………..and

Boring Middle Aged F@rts (when referring to one or more people of that age group)  because it’s obvious that when one person of an age does something bad then all people of that age are either that bad, or have the propensity to be that bad.  Or that boring?   Hehehe, just think of a person the same age as yourself, someone you loathe, someone you cannot abide in any shape or form……and then imagine everyone in the word thinking you were the same as that person.  Ewwwww, gives me chills thinking of some people I could be identified with!


I worry that we are becoming so used to hearing the term ‘Teenagers’  and ‘Teens’  let alone ‘Feral Teens,’  that we no longer stop to think that it’s not really true.


I worry, that even though we spend many years understanding that one child, even from the same family, can be so different from another child from the same family and only a year or two difference in age.  Siblings can be opposite’s in many ways.

I think the term ‘Teenagers’ is doing the majority of those who belong in that age group a huge disservice.  It is being, used and abused.  Because of it’s wide application, it’s not even really useful.    The teenage years run from 13 till the end of 19.  That’s 7 whole years.  Who in their right mind would expect the same behaviour from people with such a vast difference in ages?


Will I scrap the term Teenager or Teen though?  No, I won’t.  Although I will continue to follow-up with the information about what age group of teenagers I’m talking about.  And what behaviour and attributes I’m talking about.  In fact, like any other age group I’ll fill you in.

Google know’s teenagers.  And teens.  And because of my name Feral – I rank up within Google with Feral Teens.  I was a bit ‘OMG’ when I first saw I was surrounded by feral teen sites.  But then I thought, why not.  Because I’ll always be here to remind you that Teens are people.  And a wide ranging group of people, in age, in interests, in behaviour, in looks, in beliefs.  And it’s not a bad thing for google to let that reminder be right there in the midst of the narrow focus bad stuff.


There’s still a lot of teens behaving like dorks and just having fun.  And most of it is legal.




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