Animals enrich a child's life…………

and drive their mothers balmy!  Right now my daughter is in sydney missing her horse.  Her horse is in the paddock missing her (he’s also lost his flyveil, and has been searching the car for treats everytime I come home from work).  Her cat has found me (came in the window when I wasn’t looking)  and the kelpie has been room checking for any of the young ferals.  Ok, I know I’m just not nearly as much fun!  But who buys the carrots, cat and dog food eh? 

Last year my daughter came home from her fathers and said ‘Its so boring’  (is it darling) Yes, sometimes you just need to hug an animal’.  For those of you with kids coming for visits this festive season don’t forget to ask the neighbours if you can borrow their labrador for an ‘occassional hug’ will you? 

For those of you who are duck lovers (and those of you who have recently lost one – I know two of you personally).  I’m posting a little article on keeping ducks – just for you.  And for those of you wondering – Will a duck or two make my Life Compleat?

I’ll post a little starter and then the rest over the next few days.  And where are all those duck sayings ‘Duck for cover (some of you were too slow), and ‘hello ducky’……………not to mention ‘ducked if I know’

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