Actually, Mum…..

Honestly, trying to cope with school elective subjects is the pits.  Photograpy at school.  Or not.  That is the question – ever since Shakespeare – oh sorry that would be drama as well! Really I though we were taking a nice but interesting ‘soft subject’ when I let the teenage girl take photography as a school elective subject this year and next.  There wasn’t much information in the booket we were given.  They’ll study different things and do assessment work.  That was last year.  This year we’re over half way through first term and the only thing I’ve heard is that we need to buy a $10 book and that they aren’t doing much.

So being the fun mother I am, I have chatted with my daughter about what the problem is.  Seems like there is two areas – the classroom and the darkroom.  Approximately 1/4 of the class goes in the darkroom.   Now, no teacher in their right mind – or even someone else’s right mind would leave the beggars in there on their own.  Which to my mind leaves 3/4 of the class elsewhere doing little.

Do we want to continue with Photography at school or not?  Well we could do some TAFE stuff on it, some online stuff on it, all in our copious spare time.  Yes, that is very tongue in cheek!  Spare time is something of a rarity round here, so I’m not planning on filling it fuller.  And do I want to buy an expensive camera if we aren’t doing it – or doing it, but not much.


Being the ‘doing person’ that I am.  I made an appointment with the teacher.  Although she really didn’t see what my problem was.  So much easier to have a pleasant conversation with a teacher about a difficult subject in person I find.  Come Hell or High Water…..well floods actually.  I think the floods we had are the worst in 10 or 20 years…..and still Mrs Feral appears.


I find it quite hard getting teachers to talk about things.  They seem to find it confronting having a parent want to know the in’s and out’s of a subject.  Due to the boys not taking anything like Photography at High School I have no previous experience to rely on.  I did check out the www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au site which has a hugely interesting and complicated amount of stuff on it. (Each state in Australia has their own)  Unfortunately I am on satellite internet and being shaped was unable to download any of the information about these subjects.

By the time we sorted out a little that I wanted to find out about the course, and also how we could work ahead (especially if the 3/4 was not working) I felt quite pleased with the outcome.  At least we should be able to get on with it.


Until I spoke with the darling daughter……….Actually, Mum…………OFGBluddySakes!   How on earth are you supposed to help them get a decent education when there is little choice around for schools and subjects…………. then there are the peers!

I’m going to be back on the board of studies site looking for a pdf about – How to get an education when your friends and classmates don’t want one.

Secondary school teaching cannot be considered a fun option.  I’ve never in my wildest dreams considered a career as a Secondary school teacher!  But I really would like to get something  positive out of these two years.  A reasonable mark even.  And to think this is only term one…………………….Actually Mum…………..No, there’s no freaking actually about it. You and the teacher will get your flippin heads around it and get on with it!  And the of the class can learn something or not – as it suits them.  I’m not their mother after all……….but I am yours…………….Actually!


Please God/Goddess could she find something about Photography so riveting that she is carried through on a wave of enthusiasm and doesn’t even notice the rest of the class is still spinning their wheels.

I’m begging you now, if your child, anyone you’ve ever met even, has anything useful for me as a mother of a photography student – don’t hold back.  Let me know.  All help, all tips, all sympathy even, Welcome.

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